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Echoes of Prophecy
Echoes of Prophecy is a “Battle Pass” campaign similar to the Zariel Redeemed Citadel milestones campaign. There are free milestones, but also a paid track to gain additional rewards.

The campaign (official announcement here) brings back some of the recently removed zone expansions where the Cult of the Dragon was found. These areas were used in the Tyranny of Dragons storyline, before the Well of Dragons, but were removed to streamline the campaign. They now return to house some quests in this campaign. The new campaign also returns to the concept of dragons and the Cult, reflecting the release of the D&D hardback sourcebook, Fizban's Treasury of Dragons.


Just as in Redeemed Citadel, there is a campaign tracker with a horizontal bar. As you gain currency, you unlock the items on the top row. There are also items on the bottom row, which are only unlocked if you pay 2,500 Zen (minus any coupon you use, and you can always get an invoke coupon).

The items are usually account wide, but the Reroll Tokens and C-Ward are just received once. The belt/waist artifacts are fully upgraded, which is really nice. The other artifacts need to be refined.

Important: If you claim them out of order, it can bug. So, make sure to claim in order.

Free Rewards:
  • Emote for Neverwinter Salute: (1000 currency level, account wide). Open this to add the “/emote NWSalute” emote to your emote options. The first time you unlock it, that character receives it. All other characters can then claim it from the Claims Agent.
  • 20 Reward Reroll Tokens: (2k currency level, once).
  • Neverwinter’s Standard Artifact Package: (3k currency level, account-wide once one PC opens it). This box contains:
    - Neverwinter’s Standard (a banner) artifact, item level 200 and 1k after upgrade. It’s a nice banner, granting allies recharge speed and foes take more damage.
    - Sigil of Neverwinter necklace artifact, item level 1300.
    - Neverwiner Buckle, waist artifact, item level 1300.
    (Set bonus: +3% Combat Advantage)
    Note: This is a nice IL, as each waist/neck piece is 320 IL above items such as the Avernus Engineer Mantle/Whip of the Erinyes. For the artifact, it is 550 IL higher than the Staff of Flowers or similar mythic artifacts. Due to the high IL, the stats granted are great. But, the set bonus is so-so. If you have the new Demogorgon set, the neck/waist have the same IL and a better set bonus for many classes.
  • Neverwintan Hawk: (4k currency level, account-wide). This is a potion-tray reusable item, similar to the Doohickey event item. It deals 630 magnitude to an enemy you target, then has a 30 second recharge time. That is good damage!

Preimum Zen Rewards:
  • Emote for Survey: (1k level, account wide). Unlocks the /emote Survey emote.
  • Coalescent Ward: (2k level, once). 1 C-ward, btA, always useful.
  • Glistening Lion’s Attire Package (3k level, account wide). 4 fashion items. You can preview them by right-clicking on the box in the campaign tracker.
  • Jewel of the North Artifact package: (4k level, account-wide). The box contains:
    - Jewel of the North Artifact, item level 200 and 1k after upgrade.
    - Locket of Skilled Hands, necklace artifact, IL 1300.
    - Belt of the Lionhearted, waist artifact, IL 1300.
    (Set bonus: If your role is Tank, you generate 15% more threat. If your role is not Tank, you generate 15% less threat.)

How to Start
You can speak to Sergeant Knox in PE, at the podium near the steps leading up to the Hall of Justice. He sends you to talk to Elminster, located near the Acq Inc balloon, in the square with the revamped auction house.

Elminster tells us that someone is altering the Weave, which allows for magic to exist. Specifically, the alteration is impacting necromancy.

You gain currency for the campaign by completing quests marked with a lion or red banner icon.

Tip: The bar is account-wide. This means that you can have several characters do the intro quests, and they are all contributing to the progress for your account.

You can get some quests from the Lords’ Alliance Decrees board, not far from Elminster. You also get an initial quest line, looking into the Weave disturbances.

The first quest tells us to go to the Moonstone Mast and talk to the bartender. Then to Laris in Bradda the Sage’s bookshop in PE, then three NPCs around the Hall of Justice. You then speak to Kavatos Stormeye near Neverember.

Kavatos sends you to Ebon Downs, Icespire Peak, and Neverdeath Graveyard. You can see the special quest symbols on the map. In each site you inspect the site where the dragon was killed, and then inspect a cart with diamonds (perhaps for resurrections) someone left there… and then fight Cult of the Dragon cultists for clues.

Weeklies and Further Quests

Turn in the quest to get an additional story quest (People of Interest), plus from Harper Boward you can get a weekly Heroic Encounter “Scouting Faerun” and the “Lords’ Alliance” Decree weekly.

Scouting Faerun: Complete HEs anywhere – 1 Major HE and 5 Minor. This is also part of the “Staying Heroic” weekly quest.

Lord’s Alliance Decree: Complete a decree to claim this.

The quest line also continues. You can do People of Interest, by going to a spot on the PE map and a cut scene will play. Follow to the indicated door. (How did they get that basement to fit next to the sewer tunnel we explored in an old intro quest? Magic!)

Once you stop the ritual, you return to Elminster and this unlocks another weekly from Harper Boward, Cultists of Note.

Cultists of Note: repeatable quest to take out a cultist leader. This the same quest as the People of Interest quest, but in a different spot in PE and you simply go to the door and enter. The cultist is also far easier to defeat. (I was given the quest twice in a row, but the second time it could not be completed until I had switched characters, giving the location enough time to refresh foes.)

Multiple Toons for Quick Progress

If you have multiple characters, you can perform the above steps on multiple characters relatively quickly, and this alone can allow you to get through the first milestone of the campaign! If you only have one toon, you must do some grinding. If you just have a couple of characters, focus on the weekly events.

Getting Campaign Currency

There are many ways to get campaign currency (Harper’s Badge of Honor) towards the milestone completion.

Intro quests: Quests such as A Subtle Curiosity, where you talk to the Moonstone Mask bartender and then Neverwinter citizens, provide 120.

Weekly quests: The quests such as Staying Heroic will grant 120. The repeatable portions, such as Scouting Faerun, will grant 24.

Legacy Quests: The Sybella legacy quests in PE are great choices, providing 120, but you can only turn one in per day. So, feel free to do many and turn one quest in per day.

Trial/Advanced/Skirmish Queues: Each trial you do provides 60.

Unsavory Characters: Repeating this quest grants 25 seals for slaying the boss and 24 currency for quest completion. This can be very fast if you are switching characters between them.

Decree Quests: Only 24 for each. However, the weekly is worth doing, or while you are doing other tasks. These take a while to complete, so not worth doing just for the currency. Fine if it’s while you are doing something else (such as the one to kill Cult of the Dragon members, if you are already doing Well of Dragon quests).
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