Guide to Special Events: Siege of Neverwinter

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Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:26 pm  

The Harbingers guild loves learning Neverwinter's secrets and collecting knowledge. We share our guides on major events as a way of giving back to the larger community. And, we also hope that if you like what you see you will consider joining our awesome guild!

This post will be updated each time a major event takes place in Neverwinter.

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Siege of Neverwinter


Guide Quick-Links

Lore and Overview

Wiki page with info.

Theme: The Cult of the Dragon mounts a siege against the city. The Cult of the Dragon is a major foe in the Forgotten Realms and was the main threat in the first two (linked) published adventures, Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat, for the Fifth Edition of D&D. The first time the event ran it was during the Tyranny of Dragons expansion (based on those tabletop D&D adventures).

A special zone, the Siege Battlefield, provides daily quests. In addition, our Stronghold has an important quest. And, there are several important synergies for maximizing the event.

This event is one of the best ways to donate to our coffer, helping our Guild build new structures and offer even better boons! This also helps you get tons of Guild Marks, which you can turn into AD! See below for how to get started and how to maximize your daily routine!

Getting Started
Important: Start by going to our Stronghold and speaking to the Master of Coin, who will grant the one-time quest A Pledge of Support to speak to General Sabine at the Siege. This quest is the trigger that causes the event to then drop Stronghold vouchers of various types!

After speaking to the Master of Coin, go to Protector's Enclave and talk to the Siege Defense Coordinator at the podium. You will receive the quest The Siege Begins. This will lead you to General Sabine at the Siege Battlefield zone, but don't go there yet. First talk to the Defense Supply Master (near where mounts are sold in PE) and pick up the quest Professional Defense, which is related to the special event Siege profession.

Now, visit our Stronghold and begin the daily routine! Note, the first time you visit the Siege, you will be able to turn in your The Siege Begins and Pledge of Support quests. The later lets you pick a voucher. Please choose whatever our coffer needs the most - usually Gems or Influence.

Daily Process: Stronghold and Send Aid to Neverwinter
Each day, start by visiting the Master of Coin in our Stronghold. She has a daily quest, Send Aid to Neverwinter, which grants Defense Supplies. You have to go around the castle (including just outside some doors) to find 5 guards that have a interaction icon above their heads. There are two possible configurations of guards. (The configurations are captured here) You will receive 5 Defense Supplies for completing this, plus XP and coin.

Daily Process: Culling the Cultists
Optionally, now head to PE and travel up to the area where Harper Boward provides the Tyranny of Dragons quests (on the opposite side from Sgt Knox). She provides the old daily quest Culling the Cultists, which is super easy to complete each day as part of the Siege. Taking this quest will grant you Tyranny of Dragons currency for even more Guild Marks or campaign progress each day, plus XP and coin.

Daily Process: The Siege of Neverwinter
Now travel to the Siege Battlefield and speak to General Sabine for her daily quest The Siege of Neverwinter. Complete any 2 HEs at the Siege to complete the quest for Tyranny of Dragons currency and a Writ of Commendation event currency.

The battlefield is the same map you may have seen during the Underdark/Maze campaign, but during nighttime. Note that there is a tunnel entrance just beyond where you start which will take you to the camp in the far upper corner.


Tip: It is possible to "store up" HE completion. Complete your first 2 HEs and click the "Collect Rewards" icon as normal. Now do more HEs, but don't collect the rewards. The hard part is remembering not to collect them! The next day, you can take Sabine's quest and then collect the HE rewards and quickly turn in the quest. This is a great technique for the last day, if you have to wake up early to get one last set in before the event closes!

Supplying the Defense - Repeatable Quest
The Defense Supply Master is found in PE at a tent by the Market (near where mounts are sold). They have a repeatable quest to donate 1, 6, or 12 Defense Supplies. In return they provide Dragon Cult Insignias and 1-2 Medal of Heroism. Because of the reward ratio, always wait to turn in 12 Defense Supplies for the maximum reward of 50 Insignia and 2 Medal of Heroism.

Tip: You can move your Defense Supplies across your characters! Because of this, you may want to end until near the end of the event to move them around to the characters that need them and then donate them so you can obtain the rewards you need on those characters!

Daily Process: Kill for Vouchers!
This event is an amazing way to gather vouchers for our coffer. This is vital to our building efforts and also provides you with Guild Marks.

Synergies: A PC with strong AoE attacks (such as the GWF with Hidden Daggers) can one-shot a group of the dark-clad soldiers, often receiving a voucher drop. It is possible to get about 60 vouchers in an hour if you use a fast mount to go from mob to mob! With several Alts you can generate a ton of vouchers for a lot of Guild Marks and coffer donations!

Tips: Voucher drops are on a colldown timer and sometimes it seems a character can have few vouchers even if they haven't had any for a while. When that happens, switch to another character or take a break, then come back with the original character later.

The Image Dragon Cult Insignia, Image Writ of Commendation, and Image Medal of Heroism can all be turned in for valuable rewards. There is an event store and also the supply master.

Writ of Commendation: Image
The writs can be turned in for some great rewards:
14 = Siegebreaker Griffon (new in 2017, purple mount with +1000 Defense and +1000 Deflection as the equip power, the usual 110% purple speed, and three insignias, which enable the coveted Wanderer's Fortune power, which provides you with a nice stream of bound refinement stones!
14 = Champion's Banner artifact, with a use power to buff alies (incoming healing, Recovery) and debuff enemies (less damage dealt) for 30 seconds. It's a nice group artifact.
10 = Neverwinter Champion's Charger a blue mount (has three insignia slots and a nice insignia power: Whenever you are reduced to 50% Hit Points, you instantly recover 20% of your Stamina and are healed for 20% of your maximum Hit Points over 10 seconds.)
5 = Neverember Guard Archer companion, green (bind to character if purchased this way, not bound if found in a pack from Medals of Heroism!). Because of being bound, this is usually a sub-par choice.
2 = Battlefield Medic's Ensemble, a set of three fashion clothing items. This can be sold for AD, at times for high prices.
1 = Bag of Cult Trophies/Insignia (200 Dragon Cult Insignia, good if you need the currency badly and don't want to save leftover Writs for a future Siege event)

If you don't have a purple mount, the Griffon is the clear winner. Even if you do have purple mounts, It is a great looking mount and the equip bonus is useful.

Medal of Heroism Image
7 = Neverwintan Defender's Pack (contains one of Dragon Cult Insignia, Veteran Dye Pack, Dragonslayer's Dye Pack, Battlefield Medic companion, Neverember Guard Archer companion, Refiner's Cache, Companion Fortification Kit, Silvery Dragon Scale, Draconic Enchantment rank 5, Peridot)
4 = Battlefield Scavenger's Pack (contains one of Quartermaster's Enchantement rank 7, Stronghold Support Reward, Dragon Hoard Coffer, Writ of Commendation, Uncommon Insignia)
2 = Stronghold Support Reward (Your choice of AD/Gems/Surplus/Influence voucher)

I'm a huge fan of the Defender's Pack and waiting to open them during a 2x Enchant weekend for potential 2x drops on all enchants/runes. The companions can be sold, as can other items. The Battlefield Medic is a strong healer companion. The Silvery Dragon Scales, if you get enough, can be turned in for great rewards from a dragonborn merchant near Lord Neverember in PE.

Dragon Cult Insignia Image
1000 = Champion's Battle Horn (Not a very useful item!)
500 = Injured Survivor's Outfit (fashion)
300 = Veteran Dye Pack
200 = Dragonslayer's Dye Pack
200 = Cart (used in Siege profession, sells well)
200 = Lesser Black Dragon Glyph (temporary enchants used in Overload slots)
200 = Lesser Blue Dragon Glyph
200 = Lesser Red Dragon Glyph
200 = Lesser Green Dragon Glyph
200 = Lesser White Dragon Glyph
60 = Draconic Enchantment, Rank 5 (Enchant, useful)
60 = Quartermaster's Enchantment, Rank 5 (Utility enchant, very useful, sells well)

There are a number of good choices here. The cart is an easy choice as you can use it year after year to do the profession. It also sells really well right before and after the event.

The Quartermaster's enchants are great, providing you with a number of benefits including Guild Marks. Read about it here if you are a member of our Guild. This guide can be read by anyone.

New in 2018: HE Limited Event drops!
Beginning in December 2018, the Heroic Encounters in Siege can drop Limited Event items. As with other events in late 2018, these are items which may not reappear in future years!

For December 2018, the rare items are all bound to Character and consist of:
  • Chipped Siegebreaker’s Battle Horn – green version of the blue horn, consumable item you can use only once and it vanishes. +2k Life Steal for 30 seconds and power recharge time is reduced by 5 seconds. These fall often.
  • Neverwinter Siegebreaker’s Charger - Blue mount. Includes 1 Illuminated Insignia Slot and 2 Enlightened Insignia Slots. The mount is not particularly hard to land. If you do 2 HEs every day of the event, it should almost certainly end up in your inventory. If you keep one in inventory you won't get duplicates (they can't be sold or traded).
  • Pristine Siegebreaker’s Battle Horn – blue version of the horn, and much harder to get. You may need to farm this more than 2 HEs per day to be sure you get it (or you might get lucky... about 3 of my 8 toons landed it). It goes in your potion slot and increases Life Steal by 4k for 60 seconds and reduces power recharge by 5 seconds. When you take damage, the remaining cooldown of 10 minutes is reduced by 1 second (up to once per second). It's an excellent item for many toons. It is a "battlehorn effect" and does not stack with other such effect.
  • Siegebreaker’s Banner – a non-equipment artifact, starting at green and upgradable as usual. It provides +1k Power, +1k ArPen, and +600 Combat Advantage when upgraded to teal. The use power is "Summon a Seigebreaker's Banner that buffs allies who stand nearby. Allies gain 90 Lifesteal Severity, 90 Armor Penetration, and 6% Recharge Speed. Duration: 30 seconds." This is a different artifact than the Champion's Banner from the event store (which grants different stats and a different buff).

Additional Recommendations, Synergies, and Exploits
- If you need Dragon Hoard Coffers to advance your Well of Dragons tasks (especially the last two boons), expect prices to drop during this event! You can even buy now, sell later.
- If you are working on professions, the Writ of Commendations can be turned into "Bag of Cult Trophies" and all Dragon Cult Insignia can be converted to a Weathered Cart. The item used to be part of professions, but is now worth 500 in the Workshop exchange... which you can then turn into Myrrh for commissions or into inputs for other commission items (useful to get to rank 4 workshop more quickly).
- Medals of Honor are bound to Account and Defense Supplies are unbound, so it pays off to do the event with your Alt PCs (player characters) since you can complete multiple quests and gain more rewards - even if you move them all to a primary PC.
- This can be a great way to level a lower-level character. Join the HEs, or better yet, ask on Guild chat and party up with Guildmates.
- A guild can organize to take over an instance, and for an HE such as the Cult Assault or Cult Invasion, never kill the leader. If you do that, the waves keep coming (bringing vouchers) but it never ends!
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