Guide to Special Events: Tales of Old

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Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:26 pm  

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Wed Apr 10, 2019 3:54 pm  

Event: Tales of Old


Lore and Overview
Introduced on February 14, 2019, the Tales of Old is a recurring event that challenges you to explore classic dungeons while increasing the difficulty each time you choose to continue.

To start, player characters of level 15 or higher can talk to Nipsy, a tabaxi located near the event podium in PE. The first time, he grants you a Coins of Tales Told just for speaking to him. You can then gather a party and take on the dungeon associated with the event. Each event has one dungeon.

Once you have a party, you can click on the table by the tabaxi to enter.

Event Format
The 2019 event ran for one week, starting Feb 17. The first dungeon was Lair of the Mad Dragon. The Frozen Heart was the second event, running Aprill 11-18.

Each dungeon run is a challenging version of the old dungeon, with one or more additional Embellishments. The Embellishments are announced by Nipsy at the start, and can include such impediments as not being able to use consumables, not being able to use artifact powers, etc.

The Difficulty of the event increases with each run. You also have a maximum number of lives for each run, for the whole party. When all are used up, the run fails. There is also a Timer, with a maximum time to complete the event.

Power-ups are scattered throughout the dungeon, and can add more time, more lives, or other boons.

Each run grants a Coin of Tales Told, and many are needed for the rewards. There is a cap of 45 per day.

Upon completing the first run, players will be greeted by Nipsy and offered an option to run the dungeon again with increased difficulties or to finish the story. Choosing another run will automatically advance the group to the next difficulty of the dungeon. Finishing the story will return players to Protectors Enclave. Success grants an additional Coin for each success, but failure does not grant a coin (though you retain anything gained from chests).


The event has three primary types of rewards.

Dungeon Chests and Trinkets of Old
Chests and Rare Drops: The dungeon has several dungeon chests scattered throughout. Some may be dangerous mimics (they can easily kill a character), but these still grant rewards. When you open a chest, it can have normal contents (potions, blue gear, etc.) but could have a rare drop (artifacts, mounts, companions, etc.). The chance of a rare drop varies according to the difficulty (making successive runs better in terms of chest drops). If a rare drop is not given, you gain a Trinkets of Old in your inventory.

20 Trinkets of Old can be turned in at the event podium in PE for a Chest of Tales Told, containing:
  • Vanity Pet for the event (Chartilifax for the Mad Dragon, Hrimnir for Frozen Heart)
  • Blood Ruby refinement stone
  • Woven Tales Enchantment, Rank 8 or 9
  • Companion Upgrade Token
  • 10,000 to 20,000 Rough AD.
You additionally have a chance to gain one of the fashion items, Minstrel's Fancy Shirt, Minstrel's Fancy Pants, or Minstrel's Fancy Hat.

Coins of Tales Told and Trinkets of Old expire in 12 days, so use them or lose them!

Coins of Tales Told and Artifacts
You can turn your Coins of Tales Told to the store at the PE podium. The primary benefit is an artifact, which can be improved if you add Tales you can also buy.
  • Artifact: Envenomed Storyteller's Journal (30 Coins) - This artifact equipment (not a weapon/neck/waist) grants Crit (other stats unknown) and deals 2,421+ damage to all targets in a 25' radius. It is further boosted by Tales of the Mad Dragon.
  • Tales of the Mad Dragon: A Tale of Poison (5 Coins) - Adds stackable effect that increases every time you do damage. After 15 seconds, your next attack deals +5% weapon damage times the number of stacks.
  • Tales of the Mad Dragon: A Tale of Awe (10 coins) - Stuns enemies within 25' for 8.2 seconds. Time increases based on artifact level.
  • Tales of the Mad Dragon: A Tale of Madness (18 Coins) - Summons a small Chartilifax that deals 2,796 poison every second. After dealing damage 5 times, to any number of foes, or after 15 seconds, it explodes dealing damage. The damage increases by artifact level.
  • Tales of the Mad Dragon: Tales of Power (27 Coins) - Increases your damage by 3%. The damage varies by artifact level.
  • Tales of the Mad Dragon: Chartilifaax's Demise (39 Coins) - Generates 25 AP every second for 15 seconds. The amount of AP varies by artifact level.

Fabled Chapters and Season Store
The same store has a Season tab, providing rewards that span multiple events across the season. To earn Fabled Chapters, you must reach the minimum contribution level for the event (135 Coins of Tales Told). Thus, acquiring all the gear will require multiple events across the season where you do the dungeon many times!
  • Scarf of Embellishments (2 Fabled Chapters) - Neck artifact, +1 to all abilities and bonus to Power/Crit/LSteal. Unclear how it scales, but it's strong! IL 520 at green!
  • Sash of Embellishments (2 Fabled Chapters) - Waist artifact, +1 to all abilities and bonus to Power/Crit/Recov/ArPen. Unclear how it scales, IL 520 at green!
  • Box of Astal Diamonds (1 FC) - the "give up" prize, this provides a measly 3000 RAD.

Tips and Exploits
There is no way to put this kindly - this is a rough event with a brutal grind. You have to run the dungeon 135 times to gain a Fabled Chapter, and you need 129 Coins to unlock the Artifact and all of its powers. The dungeon can take an hour to run, but less with a fast group. It's still a ton of work to pull off in 6 days!

Trinkets of Old aren't too hard to gain, but you need 20 for a chest, which may or may not grant rewards.

Note that if a player becomes disconnected or drops, you cannot replace them! Because this doesn't use the queue system, it isn't possible to request reinforcements or add another player. Adding someone to party and having them try to join will fail (clicking on the desk by the tabaxi will not let them join the party).

Because of the nature of the challenge, movement boosts that impact the whole party can help save time. Dying is a big deal if you aren't in a super-strong group, so be careful with bringing back someone from unconscious in a dangerous situation where they will quickly die again (and use up another life). Bring Stones of Health to quickly regain full health. Powers that shield you or self-heal can be worth considering.

I saw someone mention farming the first chest - just logging in to open the chest and then leaving and repeating, but I don't know how effective that is.
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