Guide to Special Events: Contest and Masquerade of Liars

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Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:26 pm  

The Harbingers guild loves learning Neverwinter's secrets and collecting knowledge. We share our guides on major events as a way of giving back to the larger community. And, we also hope that if you like what you see you will consider joining our awesome guild!

This post will be updated each time a major event takes place in Neverwinter.

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Fri Oct 23, 2020 3:40 am  

The Devs have mades some awesome changes to the Masquerade of Liars event! Starting in 2018 year we pick teams!

Pick the CRYPTIC COLLECTORS team to maximize your chances of winning!

Here is the Dev blog post with the information. Really cool!

2019 links:
Contest of Liars Returns!
Masquerade of Liars Creeps In!

And look at that purple broom mount! And the fun broom companion!


Event: Masquerade of Liars

Theme: Mask is the god of shadows, thievery, and intrigue. Leira is the goddess of illusions and deception. At one point, Mask betrayed Leira and subsumed her portfolio, but perhaps that changed. The festival centers around misrule, including people speaking freely from behind a mask or costume. Lord Neveriwnter changed the event slightly and the reasons for this aren't clear. Is this a distraction from tough times, a way to hide mistakes, or some bigger plot?

What's Awesome:

A Contest! Each player gets an account-wide choice of which of three teams to support. Wen you go around doing the event activities, you generate points for your team. If your team wins, you get a free Visage: a mask that lets you look like the team you chose (werewolf head, etc). All of your characters are on the same team, so they all generate points. If the Guild or Alliance all pick the same team, the chances of winning can go up.

Free Artifact! The coolest thing for first-time players is that you can get a free artifact, Illusionist's Mask. You can use the event drops to raise it to max level, especially if there is a double RP event (there was last year). The artifact is not as good as newer items, but it is a great addition if you have an open artifact slot. You cannot use it as refinement, so if you don't need it or already have it, ignore this and sell stuff! All the event refinement drops can be sold for coin. Starting in 2018 it can reach max quality.

Free Refinement: Since module 12b, the refinement stones that drop for the artifact can now be converted to RP and used for refining any item! This makes the event worth repeating, as it gives you a fair amount of RP in a short amount of time.

Daily Quest: Lore of Liars. If you haven't done them in a previous year, each day you get a quest to go to the Moonstone Mask and learn lore. Easy reward, and the information is cool, explaining why the city of Neverwinter has this day.

Daily Quest: Trade of Treats. The quest giver hands you some Liar's Charms, which you then run around PE handing out to 5 Illusionists appearing as fantastic creatures. Most stand in a specific spot, others roam. The Illusionists in turn give you Illusionist’s Bags, which contain two to three Masquerade Tokens, refinement items for the new Illusionist’s Mask (or other needs) and perhaps a Beholder Piñata.

Once you have done that trade, you go back for a reward. You then get another quest to go outside and find at least one Charm as a drop from a creature. You can get any number of Charms as drops, but if you have fewer than 5 you can get them in PE from pumpkins scattered around. You can trade any number to Illusionsists, so as to get lots of Bags.

Masquerade Tokens are found in the bags and can be traded for a cool Companion (Wandering Scarecrow and Skeleton have been previous options), but you have to save up many and unlock with owning each of the blue masks the vendor sells. The masks are fashion items and fun if you like such things.

Getting Started:
This is a bit confusing in 2019. Here are the steps:
  1. Go to the PE event podium (where mounts used to be, bottom level) and talk to the "Masquerade Master."
  2. Go talk to the "Contest Master" by the big tree.
  3. Talk to one or more of the team representatives and choose one. Also, equip the mask they gave you.
  4. Talk to the Contest Master again once you chose a team.
  5. Now, get the daily quests from the team representative for the team you chose AND from the Masquerade Master. This gets you both the "trade in town" and "talk to ghosts in 4 towns" quests. Later, when you turn the PE Liar's Charm/gift exchange quest in, you get the quest to find at least 1 charm outside of town.
  6. BUT, if this is an alt character, you must also talk to the representative of your team and get a mask and equip it.

Illusionist Mask and Empowered Illusionist Mask: You get the Illusionist Mask artifact in the first bag you open. You can then refine it to orange. Now, you can turn the orange/legendary mask in to the vendor along with masquerade tokens to gain the Empowered Illusionist Mask, which again is uncommon rank but now can be upgraded to Mythic. It's a long process! The mask is IL 150 at MAX, so it isn't as good as the newest options, but it is free!

Splinters Companion: This broom companion has a fun look. The stats are just okay, but it's not hard to earn.

Wandering Scarecrow: Blue companion. Provides ArPen and Defense, which can be nice for alts that need a boost to the important ArPen stat.

Skeleton: Green companion.

Fashion Masks: There are green temporary ones and then blue permanent ones. You can land them in bags and also from traders when you get a treat.

Fashion Set and Dyes: Orange shades in the dye pack, plus a fashion set.

Spooky Masquerade Feast: An item to decorate the Guild's Great Hall.

Enchanted Broom Mount: See below for info on getting this. It takes time and effort!

Transformation Potions: These change your size or transform you temporarily.

The Visage:
You gain a blue visage on each character on your account. The first one to pick a team gets it in inventory. All alts have to ask for it from the team NPC. That blue Visage is temporary and will vanish at the end of the event.

However, you get a purple Visage via mail when you first complete 10 activities. The mail goes to the toon that scores the 10th point, but it is account bound and can be mailed to another toon.

The winning team can buy more masks at a discount through the Masquerade Vendor. The non-winning teams can get the winning mask at normal price.

The Enchanted Broom Mount:
The mount is broken in 3 pieces. To rebuild it takes some time, 50k AD, and perhaps some trickery.

Gnarled Broomstick: Sold by the event merchant in exchange for masquerade tokens. It takes farming, but you can do it. It was possible in 2018 to save currency for 2019, and that may be possible for future years.

Handful of Enchanted Bristles: You can find this in Bags of Illusionist's Goods. Also at the catch-up merchant, in exchange for masquerade tokens. This is fairly easy to do, especially while trying to get other items.

Enchanted Witch's Sash: This is a rare drop in Beholder Piñatas. In 2018, the recommended trick was to store up a ton of piñatas and then go to a high level place where tiering would improve the health of the piñata. We used FBI in 2018... no idea if that's a good place this year. At such a place, the piñata would last longer, letting you hit the thing over time and not skip drops. Apparently, if you hit it too hard too often, it skips some drops! Thus, the approach was to solo queue for FBI and right at the beach at the start you open a piñata and hit it semi-often so you maximize drops. This takes a while! It took hundreds of them to get a Sash drop!

- Once you talk to an Illusionist in PE, you have to talk to a different one until you have spoken to 5, upon which the first resets and you can talk to them again. Set up a route you like, such as going around the PE center market area, so you can do this efficiently.
- The artifact is easy to fill if you watch your pace. Don't use the higher value Veils or Memento's to refine your artifact unless you really need to. Use the Scandalous Rumours, Scurrilous Gossip, and Purloined Letters instead - these don't have any other use except to sell for coin. Patience will pay out and ensure you suddenly don't find yourself short on the blue or purple items you must have to get to the next artifact tier. The vendor on the PE podium will let you convert Veils to Mementos at a high rate, if you need that.

Synergies and Exploits:
- You can get lots of bags by fighting hordes of creatures within 7 levels of you. This has a nice synergy with HEs in the Stronghold, with creatures like devils and spiders, and with some of the daily zone quests that are easier (such as Sharandar). Elemental zones, such as Drowned Shore, can be great if you are strong and can take the foes out quickly.
- The blue Wandering Scarecrow companion is not bound, so you can sell it for AD, especially after the event is over and excess inventory has been sold.
- The drops in this event can all be sold for coin. If you don't need them and can't sell it on the AH, sell it for coin.

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