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Tue Aug 01, 2017 8:06 pm  

Welcome to The Harbingers on behalf of the Guild and the leaders:-

Sigill MacFinn
Alpha (Dagdra/Garla/Zendra/etc.)

We only have 3 fixed Rules:-

Rule 1 - Feed the mimic regularly [at least once a week]
Rule 2 - Be online regularly [AFK for 4 weeks without explanation you will be kicked from Guild]
Rule 3 - Guild Bank is for players to use for their toons - not to sell or give to non-Guild members

Here are a few pointers to help you and us in your new guild

Don't forget to activate your new Stronghold boons :) and please remember we have worked hard to get them so please help us feed the mimic to get more [see Rule 1] :)

If you are going to be offline for 3 weeks or more please let one of the leaders know by pm, email or on forums. We know to keep your spot open then [see Rule 2] :)

Items in the Guild Bank are for use of members - please remember they are for use on your characters NOT for selling or giving to non-Guild friends. If you aren't high enough Guild Rank to access the bank and wish for an item ask another (higher level) Guild member to withdraw it for you [See Rule 3]

Joining in with Influence runs and talking in guild chat, and helping other guild members will allow you to rise faster in the guild. We do like you to say hello and goodbye when you come on and go as it helps bolster the feeling of family/community that we like :)

If you wish to ask for help or people to do content with you please ask in guild chat before asking in alliance.

Please try not to go AFK in dungeons and if you need to make it clear to your companions how long for ie "just sorting child for 1 min" "need the toilet" etc

No swearing, being abusive, selling or being contentious in Alliance Chat please, or asking for specific item levels . (full rules here viewtopic.php?f=4&t=38)

Guild Chat allows swearing, being cheeky etc but if you are asked to stop because it is upsetting/annoying someone pls do so without argument. Discriminatory remarks regarding gender, race, sexuality, nationality, or similar are not allowed at any time. Pls keep politics and religion out of chat, and no begging for kit. Also please do not tell people how to equip or run their characters unless they ask for help/advice - we all like to do things differently and there are no right or wrong ways :) No abuse of players or guild/alliance members will be tolerated.

We will help you if and when you get stuck with quests so please shout out in Guild Chat but remember if we don't answer straight away we are questing or in a dungeon ourselves and not being rude :) Press G and roster and you can see who is on and where they are (and their Guild Rank if necessary).

Any questions pls ask us :)
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