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Sharandar Returns - Feb 9th!

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 9:45 pm
by Alphastream
Cryptic announced today that on Feb 9 we will see a re-imagined Sharandar!

It is unclear what is driving this, but a new D&D book will soon be announced for the tabletop game. Perhaps it is Sharandar-related!

"Experience a completely re-imagined adventure zone, new campaign, story, and social hub as you venture back into this mystical land!"

"Across 3 episodes, adventures will explore the unsettling darkness that has crept across the Feywild, with new enemies and rumors of an ancient fay being. Episode 1: The Iron Tooth will send heroes to the Ruins of Malabog and the new Vault of Stars dungeon. Episode 2: The Soul Keeper and Episode 3: The Odious Court will continue the story at later dates."

This suggests an unveiling of story similar to that used with Avernus. No idea yet how it will work for characters that already did the existing content and have the boons, currency, etc. from the old Sharandar.


Re: Sharandar Returns - Feb 9th!

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:34 pm
by Alphastream
Cryptic provided additional information today.

We get a new campaign, which does replace the old Sharandard campaign. The old one goes away, and there is a 2x event if you want to finish it.

The new campaign uses the Redeemed Citadel approach, with a bar that unlocks rewards... and there appears to be a for-pay parallel again.


You need IL 40,000 for the campaign. But, for the first 2 weeks that requirement is turned off. As long as you do the intro mission during that time, you retain access.

The campaign will include the boons from the old campaign. If you have some of the boons, then you will get points based on how many you have. Old currency will be obsolete.

Re: Sharandar Returns - Feb 9th!

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 4:33 pm
by Alphastream
A new post by the devs on the three Sharandar regions and the plot.

The plot feels a bit thin, but it's interesting to note that the regions will change over time, the way we saw the Citadel change in Avernus.