Guide to Avernus Hunts!

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Mon Aug 31, 2020 11:08 pm  

Neverwinter has released Hunts for Avernus!

Hunt System Overview

Because the server completed Milestone I of the Redeemed Citadel campaign, hunts have been unlocked. Heaven's Septem is in the War Room (left when you come in, not the top level where Zariel was) in the Citadel and leads the hunts.

We also have a new "Holy Vorpal Enchantment" as a Zen market item and new weapons available for purchase in the Citadel shop. Lastly, a mailbox was added to the Citadel.

Rainer has a video that walks through it.
And, here is Northside.

Similar to Chult, you can now get lures and draw more powerful creatures that you "hunt" at specific locations. These can drop gear. As with Chult, you have tiers of hunts. Each hunt requires a lure, which comes from combining two items together. You combine them in the War Map.

For Tier 1, each hunt requires the "Gore-Covered Chains" from an "Infected Mane" plus something else particular to the hunt target. Example: To hunt Whitehorn, you need to kill an Infected Mane (drops Gore-Covered Chains) + a Malevolant Narzugon (drops Fork of the Pinagon). The two items can be turned into a White Horn Chip, which then lures Whitehorn.

Each hunt happens at the hexagonal platforms found in various Avernus wasteland zones.

Getting Started
in the citadel, head to the newly opened War Room and speak with Huntmaster Soradiel. She tells you about hunts and gives you a quest to reclaim the parts for your first hunt.

Gear Rewards
IL 1,230 gear.
Whitehorn: Goristo Horns (head)
Auki: Demon Hunter's Trackers (head)
Jacinthe: Garbs of the Cubi (armor)
Cwnifrinn: Balor Braces (arms)
Sgail: Wisps of the Shadow Demon (feet)
Xurah: Greaves of the Fallen Angel (feet)

The drop rate sounds terrible. Reiner's group had 8 drops in 83 hunts! Roughly 10% chance. He advocates storing lures to see if they fix it.

The items are not particularly good, however.

Tier 1 Hunts

Several hunts, especially Auki and Xura, can be very hard and require groups!

Whitehorn (Scab): Malevolent Narzugon (Fork of the Pinagon) + Infected Mane (Gore-Covered Chains) = White Horn Chip.

Cwnifrinn (Scab): Expert Demolitionist (Mask of the Hellbringers) + Infected Mane (Gore-Covered Chains) = Symbol of Yeenoghu.

Auki the Painbringer (Haruman): Scout of Sygia (Shattered Ice Fang) + Infected Mane (Gore-Covered Chains) = Kozakura Sashimono.

Jacinthe the Vain (Haruman): Interrogator (Tantalizing Whip) + Infected Mane (Gore-Covered Chains) = Crank Hand Mirror.

Xura the Fallen (Haruman): Enhanced Cambion (Cursed Blade of the Lonely) + Infected Mane (Gore-Covered Chains) = Corrupted Feather.

Sgail the Black (Fort Knucklebones Intro area): Searing Hezrou (Shattered Jaw Trap) + Infected Mane (Gore-Covered Chains) = Tendrils of Shadow.

Where to find the creatures that drop lures:
Infected Mane: The large wastes area.
Malevolent Narzugon: Haruman's Hill.
Expert Demolitionist: Haruman's Hill at the beginning.
Scout of Sytgia: These are the blue glowing dogs seen in Docks.
Interrogators: Appear in several areas, from starting area to Hill to Docks.
Enhanced Cambions: Stygian Docks.
Searing Hezrou: Scab.
Dagdra Deepforge: Dwarven Cleric
Garla Shieldbreaker: Half-Orc Great Weapon Fighter
Zendra Soulseeker: Moon Elf Warlock
Jalazea Shieldborn: Tiefling Paladin
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