Guide to Dragonflights

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Guide to Dragonflights

Why Dragonflights Rock!
  • Each Dragonflight is a fun social event - many players must come together and coordinate tactics to bring down 1-4 mighty dragons!
  • Receive Dragon Fangs, which can be traded to our Marketplace to earn Dragonflight armor (some of the best in the game). If you don't need the armor you can gain dyes, raw AD, and more.
  • Earn vouchers, which you can turn in to the coffer to help our guild construction efforts, and also to earn Guild Marks for gear/salvage. (Or, turn them in for other items. Guild members see our guides.)
  • The more dragons that are slain, the greater the rewards (1 fang + 1/dragon killed, plus better and more vouchers)

Getting Started
Dragonflights run at specific intervals - click on the castle icon on the user interface (default key of "L") and select the Calendar tab and "Daily View" to see today's calendar. You will see "The Traveling Wizard" appears every 2 hours. At that time, someone can summon the dragonflight by speaking to the wizard in our guild Stronghold. The event can also be triggered via a bell purchased in the Zen store.

Our guild runs Dragonflights for our Alliance monthly at 22:00 GMT (2 PM Pacific US, 5 PM Eastern US).

If you want to organize for a different time (or use a bell), make sure to recruit Alliance and Guild players to have enough to bring down at least one dragon. A minimum of 20 is required (depending on character experience/gear level).

Setting Up
30 minutes before the Dragonflight is triggered, the organizer will post to Alliance chat reminding players to come. Please come to the guild's Stronghold and gather by the central fountain.

The organizer will look over the characters and make a decision as to how many dragons the group can take. Because of this, it is important that you show up as early as possible - at least 15 minutes before the start time on the calendar.

The organizer may assign characters to specific dragons, based on prior runs. Please only go to the dragon specified, even if you prefer a different dragon. Roles may be used to divide up groups (DPS = damage per second, healers, tanks, etc.).

Here is a map of the dragon locations:
There are four dragons. In order of difficulty: Red, Green, Black, and Blue.

★ Read and pay attention at all times to the guild/alliance chat when we do the dragons. Please refrain from using the Alliance chat for other discussions.

When you reach the dragon location, use the "Say" channel to form parties - this will cause what you write to be visible in that area, and not at other dragon locations. Stating your class can be helpful: "DC looking for party!" Do your best to have a variety of roles in your party, as different roles often provide special party-bonuses. Doubling up often will not provide a benefit. Exact party composition is not critical, though at least one tank is desired among all the parties at a dragon (especially blue), and 1-2 healers is often needed (especially at green and black).

Select powers that work best for this event. Solo-target powers often deal far more damage than AoE (area of effect), and debuffs and buffs can be huge when they work on all allies. Remember that powers will usually not stack - if a DC creates the huge golden circle from "Hallowed Ground," a second one will not stack.

Very important to remember NO companions at the BLUE Dragon - that includes Soul Puppets & Archons - only AUGMENTS [or NO companion if u can fight without one].

The organizer will announce when the event is about to start, often reminding people to take potions and other consumables. You don't need to do so at exactly that moment, but you should have them ready. Depending on timing, you can drink them when the dragon is just about to arrive.

The organizer will trigger the event and use a mount to join a party. The dragons all arrive 60 seconds after the event is triggered.

Fighting the Dragons
Here are the keys to fighting all dragons:
  • Use your best skills against solo opponents to help take down the dragon.
  • When "Empowerers" (human cultists) show up, take them down and then return to the dragon
  • Don't stay in red zones - the damage is often enough to take you down
  • Help raise others when they are down
  • Watch the Alliance chat for the command to move
  • Watch the time left

The above is important because of a key fact: As soon as one dragon is killed, all other dragons will leave in just 60 seconds!

Understanding the "Zerg"
To defeat the dragons, the teams must "zerg" - move from one dragon to another - before the first one is killed. The strategy varies by number of dragons. The organizer coordinates the exact moment when dragons should be killed. Until then, if your dragon is low on health, back off and stop doing damage!

When killing 2 dragons: the group begins at Red, and as it is near death (usually 10% health) the team splits up and the majority of players move to the Green dragon. The few remaining (often 1-2 DPS and perhaps a healer) at Red slowly decrease its health, watching the time remaining and the progress at green. The group that stays behind trims the Red dragon's health to 1%, then very carefully to below that (placing your mouse cursor over the dragon's health bar shows its exact health, though the summary to the right of the screen will say 0%). The group zerging to Green tries to bring it to below 10% as soon as possible, then watches the chat carefully for the kill command.

When fighting 3 dragons: a small group is usually sent to the Black dragon. That team does its best to lower its HP, while the Red-Green Zerg proceeds. When both Red and Green are near death, the group zergs to Black and finishes it off when directed by the organizer.

When fighting 4 dragons: the team must be big enough to split up and start in two places. Usually there is one large group zerging from Red to Blue, and another at Green zerging to Black. The exact tactics and dragons can vary based on the number of participants. As before, the teams kill their dragons only when the kill command is given.

Consumables and Items
If you are new, Greater Scroll of Protection from Dragons (reduces incoming damage by 10%!) and Greater Potion of Dragon Slaying (+10% dmg) are highly recommended. You can get them in the Well of Dragons area by running the Dragons event. You can buy weaker versions in the Well of Dragons store and find them on the AH. These greatly help your survivability and damage contribution. You can also buy Wards/Glyphs from the Market closest to the training dummies. These can further increase damage and resistance against dragons and degrade over time. Other consumables can also be helpful.

Two items can also help. The Ring of the Dragonslayer, found in the Dragonborn Pack, adds 578 damage per At-Will attack, but is reported to increase that amount based on stats. The Claw of Bahamut armor reinforcement kit provides +5% damage against dragons.

Roughly every 10-15% of health, the dragons will spawn empowers. Empowerers are cultists who empower the dragon, causing it to gain stacks of damage resistance and power. It is critical to kill the Empowerers as soon as they appear, because the dragon is much stronger while they are up.

Ranged characters are particularly effective at taking down Empowerers. Tanks should stay put at the dragon. Melee DPS should go after the Empowerers, perhaps using speed buffs or powers to get there and back quickly.

Dragon-Specific Strategies

Red - Katatheo the Proud
She is the easiest to defeat, but still formidable. She is found in the graveyard to the North.
  • When she rises up and creates a large red circle, the damage is impressive. Run or dodge or shield to survive.
  • She can rain fire down on everyone, represented by a flash of red circles before the circles become permanent - these almost always kill a character, so you must leave the circle.
  • Her melee damage is not significant for most characters, but can be if you are wounded.
  • Her empowerers are fairly spread out, making it hard to reach them.
  • It is possible to hide from her behind the stairs.

Green - Oxuno the Treacherous
She can be taken down relatively quickly, but deals potent continual damage. She is found near where the Bickering Beholders HE and lakeside chest quests are found.
  • She deals more damage with her melee attacks.
  • She generates a cloud of poisonous gas around her, dealing constant DPS to characters. The DC's power "divine Astral Seal" can out-heal the damage, but not much else can.
  • She can create pools of poison that deal damage in addition to the cloud.
  • Empoweres are often in pools of poison, making it a challenge to kill them. Healers should keep an eye out for that and assist as needed.

Black - Ekdos the Cruel
She is both resilient and strategically challenging. She excels at exposing weaker PCs and turning them against the party. Find her near where the devils have a large circular area in the southwest.
  • She deals very strong melee attacks - strong enough to finish off a wounded character or kill a weaker one from full health!
  • She creates a red zone that deals massive damage - it kills most characters. Please do not stay in the red zones!
  • She can lob acid at characters if tanks aren't holding her attention.
  • Her most challenging feature is that whenever a character dies in her presence, a "wraith" is spawned. The wraith is surrounded by a zone of red death - anything in it is quickly drained of its health. The wraith will chase a character until either it is led to the edge of the combat area, or fades after several seconds. It can be worth it to lead wraiths directly away from the dragon, unless your role is critical (such as being the only healer and being confident you can dodge the wraith). Because of the wraiths, it is best if melee characters are very strong and resilient, and most attackers are ranged. This is especially important if a party is sent early to black: send a primarily ranged DPS party with a tank and strong healer so the party can avoid creating wraiths and TPKing.
  • If a character dies, resist the temptation to rez them - you will almost always die as well, helping no one. Instead, stay focused on your job and let the dead character respawn. And if you die, go ahead and respawn - a rez will not prevent the wraith, as it spawns the moment you die.

Blue - Chrysos the Vain
She is the most challenging because of her lightning cling power, which can wipe the entire battlefield. She is found in the northeast, in the circular area where the Drakes HE is found. Any party here must remove all companions unless they are augments, and no warlock with a soul puppet can be present! (Yes, it is possible for tanks to maintain the aggro and keep it off of companions or soul puppets, but too often the companion/puppet ends up the target and this causes the death of everyone at the dragon)
  • She deals strong attacks and her red zone is challenging - but all of this is a prelude to the next item...
  • She will apply a lightning effect to one PC, visible as an icon over the PC's head. The effect drains damage over time very quickly, and if the character dies, everyone in the area takes massive damage. Players must watch their characters and, if targeted, immediately heal. Healers must also do this.
  • Good tanks can make the difference, drawing the aggro on the lightning power and staying at full health.
  • As noted before, no non-augment companions or soul puppets can be present. If they are, the dragon will target them and there is no way to keep their lower health from draining - instant TPK.

Finishing a Dragon
If you are chosen to stay behind and kill a specific dragon (instead of zerging with everyone else), there are two ways to finish off the dragon. In both cases, after the zerg leaves the finishing group has carefully taken the dragon to less than 1% health (watching the health bar to make sure there won't be an early death). Companions must be monitored, as they may continue fighting after you want to stop. Dismiss the companion if necessary.

The less risky version is to have 1-2 strong DPS and a healer. When the timer is about to run out, the group rushes in and finishes off the dragon. This takes a bit of extra time, but there is low failure in terms of a wipe.

The riskier version can be done with just one strong DPS character. This character finds a spot to retreat and "hide", causing the dragon to settle down and no longer be in attack mode. For Red, a good spot is behind the stairs. When the dragon has settled, the player watches the timer, then at the last moment rushes out to attack. The dragon usually remains settled for a few seconds, with lowered defenses and without attacking, allowing the finisher to quickly defeat it. This works the vast majority of the time (with practice), but sometimes the dragon will fail to settle or may awaken quickly.

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Also this very interesting (& amusing) tactics article on the ARC forums - well worth a read & the accompanying 4 Dragon Kill video is worth watching too.


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