Mod 16 Undermountain is here! Patch Notes!

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Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:49 pm  

Mod 16 release/released on April 23, 2019. Here are the patch notes.

A few new things. For example:

Everfrost damage and resistance is no longer used in the game.

Player characters can now be brought to Near Death up to five times in an encounter, increased from one.
Whenever a player is brought to 0 HP and recovers, whether it's from another player helping them up, a Scroll of Life, or a Soulforged Enchantment, they will receive a stack of Revive Sickness. Each stack will lower most stats until it fades or is removed at a campfire.

All weapon enhancements now deal the same amount of bonus damage as others, equivalent per rank. This should make them more consistent in effectiveness, and focus player choice on their secondary effects.
Most armor enhancements have been updated to better fit the stats and buff style in Undermountain. Elven Battle, Loamweave, Shadowclad, and Soulforged enchantments are mostly unchanged.

All enemies have been rebalanced against the updated classes' capabilities. Note that some familiar enemies may have new and unexpected abilities!

Throne of the Dwarven Gods: Thoon Hulks in this encounter are now much more durable.

Threat is now displayed in the party interface. If the indicator is full and red, the enemy you currently have or most recently had highlighted is targeting that person.

Interacting with mailboxes no longer dismounts the player.

Items no longer drop as "unidentified," and identification scrolls no longer drop. All unidentified items should be automatically identified when players log in.
VIP Rank 2 rewards now include 5 healing potions per day, based on the character's level.

Sword Coast Chronicle: Deeds have been removed.
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