Nov 6 Heart of Fire and Professions Overhaul - Preview Thread

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Wed Sep 19, 2018 7:47 pm  

This thread will cover the upcoming Heart of Fire mod (Mod 15)

A new mod is coming November 6th, and it is all about Acquisitions Inc!

New AI Storyline
I'm a huge fan of AI, which we have seen in the Day of the Dungeon Master special event. Acquisitions Incorporated is an adventuring company and business operating in the Forgotten Realms, and is in the real world the result of a collaboration between Penny Arcade (two guys who do comics and the huge PAX conventions for video game and tabletop) and Wizards of the Coast (the company making D&D). Together, WotC and PA have run a long series of games of D&D streamed live before a huge audience at the conventions. You can learn about AI and see the liveplay videos here.

Here are the preview patch notes, including discussion of the story and also the other changes.

The NWO site does a nice job of reviewing the new content. This includes:

The K-Team Challenge
You try to qualify for Acquisitions Inc's "K-Team" (as in, way below the B-Team) by doing a dungeon in hardcore mode. The whole team has only 1 life! If anyone dies, the team has to redo the entire dungeon. Current rewards are double AD, which may not make it worth it?

Manycoins Bank Heist Skirmish
Official Dev Blog
Prevent the Zhentarim from robbing the Neverwinter bank! There are new rewards, including new:
"Makos's Spare Travel Pants" (At the start of combat +1500 Power for 10 seconds; +469 ArPen, +110 Defense, +313 Regen, IL 500).
"Celeste's Ceremonial Shirt" (At the start of combat +1500 LSteal for 10 seconds; +1,563 HPs, +395 Crit, +110 Defense).
You also get refinement, 20 Seals of the Brave, RAD (one of the videos shows 2k RAD, several show 4k, another 6k), and 50 Wooden AI tokens (a new currency). One of the runs had Acorns, which I think is for the new professions. One run and reroll shows the end chest having a "Security Box" with a random wondrous item; in a video it is opened and an unimpressive single-slot IL 276 ring is within.

Tales of Old
Another new way to run dungeons. You run a single old previously retired dungeon (Frozen Heart, Dread Vault,Lair of the Mad Dragon, Throne of Idris). The event is time, and when you finish you immediately run the same dungeon again! Each time, the difficulty of the dungeon is increased. The "side areas" of the dungeon will have power-ups, encouraging you to diverge at times from the quickest main path. Your goal is to finish the dungeon as many times as possible before time runs out. It seems there will be a leader board of some sort, so that if your time compares well to other runs you may gain special rewards.

Rework of Mod 12/13 Trophy Drops
From NWO:
"There’s some good news for those that haven’t gotten to a capstone Hunt in Chult yet. It seems like in Module 15, all rare mobs and Hunts will always drop a Trophy. So getting to the King of Spines or Tyrant should be a hell lot easier in the “Heart of Fire”. This also means I would put all farming activities on hold for now and wait for the update."

Loot Drop Changes
Most loot that drops now is automatically picked up when the player runs over it. Need / Greed rolls still pop up as appropriate, and fewer treasure (vendor loot) items drop now, too. Overflow Rewards no longer drop XP tomes, and various other less-desired loot no longer drops. More to come when the detailed patch notes come out! Official feedback thread here.

  • Walk over loot - general loot now picks up simply by walking over it. Where applicable this will also trigger group loot rolls.
  • Reduced the number of junk loot items (items only worth gold such as platinum bowls) to 1 type per level range and also increased the stack size of junk loot to 100.
  • Potions, Skill Kits, and Portable Altars were removed from general loot drops and moved to the general vendors available in most zones and PE
  • Removed Gray and White gear from dropping in lower levels, the lowest rarity of gear that drops from critters is now Green.
  • Experience Overflow Rewards now grant direct RP, RAD, and still grant Power Points. (My note: guess no stocking them for 2x weekend, rats!)
  • HE rewards no longer grant gems and instead grant direct RP.

Professions Overhaul
Today's blog post sets the general stage for the Professions Overhaul, and it's coming to Preview shards this week (which means we will have many more answers soon).

The devs are being good about answering questions and filling us in with official posts. It seems PE now has a place where crafters are found, but it isn't clear if you have to map travel there (it seems so, so maybe the whole profession window is going away).

From the new profession workshop (which is your personal workshop), you launch tasks to craft. Leadership tasks, such as getting resources and refining stones, are part of this. It isn't clear if the creation of gear has been changed.

You talk to your workers in the workshop and set them to do stuff. You can also tell them to repeat tasks, which is cool.

But, you have to be careful because your delivery box can fill up. You can apparently upgrade it (not clear how) to have more slots and therefore require less maintenance. Probably costs Zen?

There is a discussion thread on the official forums, and the following info.
  • "Masterwork will continue to be a part of professions. Though almost all of the standard recipes will be completely gutted and replaced, those recipes earned via recipe books, such as masterwork and Chultan recipes will remain largely similar to what they are now."
  • "though the recipes will remain similar the manner of interacting with them will be updated to match the rest of the system. You will slot a single artisan and a single tool, and those recipes will have a difficulty rating that determines their success rate; however, you will also now be able to create high-quality versions of those items with a higher item level and superior stats."
  • "While I won't say we'll never make masterwork account wide, we currently have no plans to do so."
  • The new professions system will be adjusted to span levels 1 through 70, the same as character levels. This should make professions easier to follow along, a level 65 recipe will make gear around player level 65, for example. Please note that this does not mean professions will take significantly longer to level up, the experience points granted from recipes has been seriously adjusted, the goal is that leveling professions is comparable or faster, and significantly less tedious.Every existing player's professions levels will be adjusted to the new scale. For example, if you are currently level 25 in a profession, your profession will now be level 70. Every level on the current ladder will be mapped to the appropriate level on the new ladder.
  • Devs pointed out that Assets and Tools don't convert so easily, because you have now fewer of one worker (just one, instead of potentially 18), and you might only use one tool vs several. "So what does that mean for how assets convert over to the new system? Well, because for instance, one single epic artisan in the old system does not come close to being as valuable as a single epic artisan in the new system, you will be able to exchange your existing assets for a currency. That currency will allow you to purchase a comparable amount of assets in the new system, redistributing them however you please." "The same exchange process will be available for any materials that are no longer used in the professions system, this extends primarily to non-masterwork materials. You will now be able to convert those materials into most of the materials used in new non-masterwork recipes."
  • The conversation does reveal that we still have different categories (Leadership = Gathering, still have Jewelcrafting, Artificing (or something similar).
  • "In regards to the Forgehammer and legendary tools, those will be exempt from the standard conversion process, and instead convert 1:1 into an equally valuable tool of your choice in the new system. "
  • "Upon reaching certain milestones in the professions quest series, you will unlock a remote recipe book and a sending stone which allow you to view recipes and place orders/craft items and empty the delivery box remotely. Anyone with professions already maxed out will be able to reach these milestones very easily."
  • "Though crafting (rushing) an item instantly will cost a bit more morale remotely, and emptying the delivery box remotely will cost a small amount of morale, you'll be able to do so from anywhere if you can't be bothered to return to the shop. Morale replenishes at the start of each day and can be recharged for astral diamonds."
  • "The only tasks that cannot be done remotely at all are hiring and firing artisans and adventurers, upgrading the workshop and assigning gathering tasks. However, whatever gathering tasks you have assigned can be set to continue indefinitely so long as your delivery box does not fill up completely."
  • "Black Ice Shaping will be removed from the game." "As for the materials and black ice equipment itself, a new contact will be available at the black ice forge in Caer-Konig who will be able to "craft" items for you out of the materials."
  • "mailsmithing and platesmithing are being merged under a single umbrella "Armorsmithing." You'll have an armorsmithing rank equivalent to the highest of the two and all masterwork recipes for the two will be merged together into a single book, regardless of which quest you completed or what quest you are on now."
  • "weaponsmithing has been renamed "Blacksmithing." This is primarily to reflect that this profession now handles the creation of other items outside of weapons, for instance, blacksmiths will be capable of producing a wide variety of tools, from hammers and pickaxes to hatchets and scythes."
  • "At least for the immediate future the forgehammer will still be the best tool available at mythic quality. Because there will now be more granularity in terms of what a tool is, you may see some tools that are between the old epic tools and the mythic forgehammer that are more reasonable to obtain, but the forgehammer will still be excellent."
  • Can still make Stronghold crates of AD, Gems, Gold, Surplus, though some may not be in preview server version.
  • "RE: RNG: Because we are introducing the concept of a success rate when crafting an item, you could say that more randomness is indeed being introduced. However, for leveling recipes, as long as you keep your artisans equipped with new tools (which are now obtained via in game means by simply crafting the tools or purchasing them from other players off the auction house) you should have a high success rate when crafting items. While leveling you will now be able to craft recipes up to 5 levels above your current level. When challenging these recipes you can expect a potentially difficult time, but if you have a good artisan and tool perhaps you can make the item and earn more experience points. Alternatively, you can stick to recipes close to or just below your level for a guaranteed success rate."
  • "In the current system, you can send your artisans to gather raw materials, generating items passively and paying absolutely nothing in, except for the few seconds of time it took to slot them. (Here I am referring only to pre-masterwork recipes.) Then those artisans can turn those materials into a finished product, at most perhaps the recipe requires an item that can only be bought at a vendor as well for a few silver." "If leadership took on the role of providing gathering support for all professions, that makes it easier to support moving forward, and ultimately still provides those who care only to focus on leadership with a largely similar experience, dispatch some adventurers and they come back with goods you can sell."
  • "Across the board, professions—including gathering—will now be more about investing an initial cost and adding value to it, as opposed to creating something out of nothing. We also aim to severely reduce the tedium of engaging in the system, no longer requiring you to open the window multiple times a session to reassign artisans. In the end, you'll still be able to generate refinement through professions, but you'll have to invest some gold, silver or copper to pay the commission cost for your adventurer to complete the task. Some artisans will have lower commission costs or higher gathering rates, so you'll be able to choose adventurers and artisans based on your goals."
  • "Because gathering is now an important part of all professions, and anyone would naturally have leveled gathering alongside their crafting profession in the new system, we will be granting everyone a gathering level equal to their maximum profession level."
  • "Masterwork materials are not changing, and masterwork recipes will largely require the same materials. At this time gathering will be unable to obtain masterwork materials, and the only way to obtain them will continue to be gathering them via explorer's charts."
  • "For leveling and simple endgame tasks we are aiming for costs that are quite low and seem reasonable given normal play. Particularly with leveling tasks, we'd like you to be able to max out gathering and a crafting profession without having to stop to farm gold. That said, compared to current play where you may completely ignore selling items for gold, it may be good to pay attention to those items that sell for gold."
  • "The initial preview build will not have final item levels for recipes, however, item levels on certain recipes, including masterwork recipes will be adjusted; and as all recipes—including masterwork—will now have normal and high quality results, there should be a variety of viable new equipment depending on your current item level. In regards to new recipes in the future, we plan to continue adding new recipes at more regular intervals. The professions system has been reworked in such a way that adding new recipes is significantly easier than it was in the past. In addition, the introduction of statistical requirements for recipes means we can add recipes of increasing difficulty without increasing the level cap of the professions system."
  • "Bags of gems will be exchangeable for experience points manuals which boost XP gained by the task. A new slot is available on recipes for items called supplements which can be obtained via various methods, including being crafted by an alchemist. These supplements are optional items that will be consumed during the recipe."
  • "Legendary tools will convert 1:1 with a new tool of your choice which are all bound to a specific profession."
  • "The standard leveling materials that may be purchased via these structures (Guild temp traders) will be adjusted. Masterwork specific materials will remain the same."
  • "gems will now be used in jewelcrafting recipes. For instance, black pearls and aquamarines can be used to make jewelry, with higher value refinement gems being used for higher level recipes."
  • "We are also moving to a world where more equipment is shared between classes in some cases."
  • "Those items required by masterwork professions quests will be adjusted. If you happen to be in the middle of that step on any of your professions, we advise you complete it before the changes, or wait for the changes to begin, as the items will change."
  • "Morale functions as an intermediary currency for rushing, but you will get a certain amount for free every day. So in terms of an AD sink, if you're only rushing a few recipes every day, you should be spending less AD. That said, if you want to rush more, you can still spend AD. In addition, some artisans and supplements have a skill which has a chance to negate the duration of an order or the morale cost of a craft (rushed task.)"
  • "The "catch" as it were, is that no task can be assigned with absolutely zero investment. Previously, a task to gather raw materials would require absolutely nothing. As all tasks now require at least some copper, silver or gold, you will need to at least provide that base investment to all of your alts. If you can do that, and wish to have them all run tasks, nothing will stop you from doing so."
  • New raw refinement stones: "changing a raw stone into a refineable stone does not in and of itself require any refinement points. Jewelcrafters can now polish raw stones into usable refinement stones. Ultimately this gives jewelcrafters an additional purpose, and as gems are now used in some professions tasks, but are still stored in the normal inventory, you can store the raw gems in your professions materials bag and convert them as needed. The conversion cost won't be extreme, and if you're not interested in jewelcrafting, you can still sell the raw gems on the auction house. I understand that this will be a point of contention, but please check out the recipes and provide feedback."
  • I asked if we are only partly through the progression (in my case, I've unlocked Recipes III but have not done IV) does it make sense for me to try to advance any now? Are there any cases (such as the way mailsmithing and platesmithing are being combined) where it makes sense for us to not advance a masterwork profession before the new system kicks in? Their answer is "Aside from the first quest which requires materials and items that are pre-masterwork, nothing will change."
  • I asked if Leadership boxes would be converted, or their contents. "Nothing that you can open now will be converted differently whether you open it now or after the update. So if opening it now gave an item and that item can be exchanged after the update, opening it after the update will give the same item still able to be exchanged. Also, the exchange will be available indefinitely, so there's no rush. Your retainer in your workshop will handle exchanges."
  • Armor reinfocements are still craftable.
  • "We have provided a new item, a gold trade bar, which can be sold for gold to any vendor at the same rate as platinum bowls. So if you wish to, you can easily spend AD to buy gold from other players, craft recipes and earn AD from those sales, and reinvest a percentage into more gold to fuel your tasks. This is generally how crafting would work in an ideal situation."
  • "The AD cost for refilling morale should not be notably different from the current rush cost of tasks. You will now simply be able to rush a number of tasks each day for free."
  • "All tasks will require gold (not just gathering tasks) but there will no longer be a wide array of items which must be purchased for gold. The gold sink will definitely be larger on professions than it is currently. However, the main goal is to prevent the prices on certain items from maintaining absolutely no value due to requiring no investment."

Information from Devs after first Preview:
  • "Overall, we intend for the new system to have longer periods of hands on and much longer periods of hands off, without needing to be micromanaged excessively. As such, we will be making further adjustments to task length and looking into the size of the delivery box."
  • "The item level of equipment on preview is not final. Although I am not ready to share the final item levels at this time, the normal quality level 70 crafted equipment will match or exceed the item level of the Vistani equipment granted in the opening quests of the Ravenloft campaign. The high-quality versions of that equipment will exceed the item level of Vistani equipment."
  • "In the current preview build, there are no high-quality results for masterwork recipes, however, high-quality results will be possible. Additionally, there will be adjustments to the focus and proficiency values on those recipes, as well as the introduction of tools cartable by masterwork recipes.
  • "given the nature of these overhauls and the fact that basic level 70 crafted equipment will now exceed the potency of most masterwork items, we will be adjusting the item level of masterwork recipes such that there is a sensible progression for crafted recipes. That is to say, all masterwork equipment will have its item levels increased accordingly, with those items produced by the volume II recipe book exceeding those of the basic level 70 recipe's high-quality results, and volumes III and V equipment being increased further, accordingly. We debated on whether to make these adjustments to existing masterwork equipment, or to provide new items, and have decided to make these adjustments such that it affects existing masterwork equipment. Once the release goes live, all masterwork equipment's item levels will increase. For exact item levels, please stay tuned to preview. Please keep in mind that none of the existing masterwork items will be converted over to the high-quality or "+1" versions of the masterwork equipment that it will be possible to create after the update. Additionally, we will not be returning any masterwork equipment that has been salvaged, donated to a stronghold or otherwise destroyed.
It's worth mentioning that a ton of bugs and issues were reported and the devs are saying they will fix these. There will be a new preview version at some point that will include various changes.

They also provided a chart of how levels convert over:
Here's a chart of how the levels will convert over. Some minor changes may occur, but this should largely be accurate once the update goes live.


Here is a fan video walking through the professions rework.
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Thu Sep 20, 2018 7:07 pm  

this all still a bit iffy to me we shall see

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Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:07 pm  

Changes to Salvage, Dungeon Chests, VIP

Today brought a lot of shock for most players with these announcements.

Official thread: Salvage and Dungeon End Chests.

And here is the NWO blog's take on it.

Overall, the devs are trying to deal with the AD economy, which has various problems. For example, the Auction House allows players to trade AD and items, and they lose only a small amount of AD. The same players can run a dungeon or salvage gear, and out of nowhere the economy suddenly has 100k more AD each day, per account. That's a problem. There are some players who have insane amounts of AD, and the game doesn't have proper ways to get rid of it. In theory, the game will be better if there is a balance between AD sources and sinks, along with the costs of things we want to buy. It will likely take several changes and reworks for that to happen. My personal hope is that along the way we can de-emphasize grind and emphasize play, because I really like story and fun over grind.

  • Equipment and RAD are being separated from each other. No more salvage. Devs say salvaging is creating a hard balancing act because when they give out gear, they are giving out AD each time. Their goal is to give out catchup gear and reward gear without worrying about AD, but then give RAD more often for content (we shall see).
  • Dungeon chests now will give out RAD directly (preview is showing from 2k to 7k RAD. EToS of 2,500k is possible. New skirmish is 4k for Gold). They do so every time, with no cap on the amount of RAD per day (just the cap on RAD to AD conversion, as always).
  • HEs will now give out RAD directly. (Preview: Small HE gave 100 RAD for completion (+50 with the bonus).
  • Seal store, tradebar store, stronghold equipment store will all now have direct trades for RAD. (preview shows 100 Brave Seals = 1k RAD, vs the old 300 Seals = 4k RAD. Trade Bar sotre is 1k RAD for 20 bars.)
  • Campaign stores now provide RAD trades. All of the following convert to 1000 RAD: Sharandar 150 Crescents, Dead Ring 100 Vanguard Script, Underdark 100 Demonic Ichor, WoD 100 Dragon Coins, SKT 50 Voninblod, Icewind Dale 20 Konig Coin 1 Auril's Tear 1 Dwarf Gold, Cloaked Ascendancy 50 Abandoned Treasures, Chult 25 Chultan Riches and 25 Omuan Treasures, Ravenloft 50 Barovian Coins. (Of course, you are then not receiving Guild Marks for these if you turn them into RP)
  • Overflow XP rewards and certain weekly quests will continue to give out RAD. Overflow is now only offering AD and RP (preview shows 3k AD and 500 RP).
  • VIP salvage bonus is now a bonus to RAD from HEs, Dungeon chests, and Experience Overflow rewards.
  • "We aren’t trying to say this will be a boost for all players and that RAD will be overly abundant from these changes. For some play styles and AD generation methods, the amount of RAD generated will decrease and some play styles will inevitably change. We want to be straightforward about this and also wanted to give plenty of heads-up so that players can both salvage all of their saved up equipment before this goes live, and start figuring out what changes they will make to their play styles."
  • Equipment will continue to be able to be turned into RP.

Dungeon End Chests:
  • Standard/Epic/Daily keys will be no more. Chest is now opened for free for everyone. (Campaign chests may still need a campaign key)
  • Key automatic conversion: "Standard/Epic/Daily keys will be turned into reroll tokens upon logging in. Daily and Epic keys exchange at a 1 to 1 ratio. Standard keys transfer at 2 keys to 1 reroll token" PE vendor for anything not automatically converted.
  • "the chest loot for both standard and legendary chests can now be rerolled for a small amount of AD (currently 5,000 AD but as with anything, things are subject to change)." "A chest can be rerolled up to 4 times (resulting in 5 chances at loot, the initial plus the 4 rerolls) per dungeon run. That is true of both the regular end chests and legendary."
  • Several dungeons now reward more RP.
  • Loot chances are not worse. "our rate of rewards will not be reduced because players can reroll the chests. "
  • VIP: "epic key rewards have been swapped out for reroll tokens. The Salvage Anvil Summon has been changed to a Seal Trader summon."
  • If you had a Salvage trader in the Guild Hall, it converts to a Seal trader. (profession vendor may be going away as well)

Other RP and Refining Changes:
  • One playtester noted that a Ultimate Enchanting Stone vendor existed in PE for a new currency, so the value of those may drop further!
  • Fishing may now pay off again, with STK Maps in the Bottle and Chult fishing again providing RP.
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Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:30 pm  

With the preview server coming online, you may wonder how to Preview!

The devs have kindly reposted the info in a clear format here.

If you have never used Preview, it is worth checking out. It is also a great way to do things such as:
  • Test out the contents of different boxes and see which is better to go for. (I used them with the old Leadership profession to see which profession tasks to run, based on time and box yield)
  • Test new builds without using up reroll tokens. Copy your character, change the build, see if you like it.
  • And, of course, check out new content before official release.
Dagdra Deepforge: Dwarven Cleric
Garla Shieldbreaker: Half-Orc Great Weapon Fighter
Zendra Soulseeker: Moon Elf Warlock
Jalazea Shieldborn: Tiefling Paladin
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Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:36 pm  

Class Changes!

Mod 15 will also update classes.

Sep 25th Developer Blog.

Guardian Fighter
Official thread on GF changes.
"There aren’t a ton of changes for M15 but we have some quality of life fixes and a couple of minor adjustments to powers. Griffon’s wrath should now be highly encouraged to use all 3 charges in a row and no longer accidentally cast an additional 1-2 times. The other major fix is with Jagged Blades, it was applying the DoT to only the first target hit by powers and it would reset the DoT timer when re-applied. We reduced the damage on this because these two fixes are going to make it much better overall."
See the thread for the short list of changes. Changes to Block, Mark, Griffon's Wrath, Steel Blitz, and the Jagged Blades feat.

Divine Cleric
Official thread on DC changes.
"The main goals that we had for Devoted Cleric in this patch were to fix their divinity generation by smoothing it out and making it a bit more clear and to, once again, hit the "2DC meta"."

They have nerfed divinity gain overall (-12% base divinity generation), but increased it on feats and class features. May see a small net gain if you have all features that grant divinity gains (including Avatar of the Divine). Divine Fortune is 5% higher, Bountiful Fortune is up 5% at the highest level, so those two plus the base changes are a -2% loss in generation.

"For Divine Oracle, we decided to hit this spec the most because it was something that we buffed into the past that skyrocketed it into popularity. Unfortunately, it increased it so much so that it became valuable enough to warrant always having one. To address this, we have removed the team based damage buff from terrifying insight and made it personal. It will now grant a damage resistance debuff, on the other hand, and increase your own damage by 25%.

Finally, Avatar of the Divine has been revamped a bit to be more damage oriented and to allow for a heavy damage build. While we don’t think Clerics will be jumping into the ranks of high DPS, we think this will give them a very viable solo-gameplay option."

A number of changes here to powers and features. Forgemaster's Flame (encounter) is nerfed: it now boosts DR of allies, not damage! Hastening Light (feature power) now reduces the recharge of ally powers by a total of 3 seconds, instead of 4 seconds.

Feats, Righteous Tree: The feat Living Fire (tier 3 Paragon) now triggers more often (when below 35% HPs) and lasts even when healed above that, making it better for solo damage. Piercing Light (tier 4 Paragon) now increases the ArPen of powers by 10% at the top end, making it better. Avatar of the Divine is reworked: It used to trigger on entering combat, and would increase damage 40% and reduce cooldowns 40% for 25 seconds, then 60 seconds to refresh. Now it triggers when you use a power, and it repeates every 45 seconds, increasing dmg 50%, divinity generation 25%, and cooldown 25%. Casting encounter powers reduces the cooldown by 1.5 seconds for each stack of empowered consumed.

Divine Oracle (DO) changes:
Foresight increase to DR is 2% higher. Terrifying Insight nerf: Was +20% damage to you and nearby allies, changed to be +25% damage to you, and damaging an enemy lowers their DR by 10% for 5 seconds.

Update, 9/29: They are now changing it to: Terrifying Insight will become a 30% damage buff to self. It will also provide a 10% buff to party members. The target debuff will be removed.

Prophecy of Doom: It used to, at full empowered, increase damage taken by 15%... that is now down to 7.5%! They did reduce the ridiculous animation speed by .4 seconds. Brand of the Sun: bug fix, no real changes.

Hunter Ranger
Official thread on HR changes.
"In this update, we primarily focused on creating a more viable Archery build as well as some minor buffs to encounter powers that we expect to be used in that build. We also focused on the buffs that are applied through the various animal-based powers, such as Boar Hide and Stag Heart. A lot of these buffs were lackluster, unclear in what they did, and scaled in a weird way with power ranks. All of these things have been addressed and a new class feature has replaced Battlehoned that will hopefully allow these to see more use. We actually did tune down Hawkeye a bit because even though we want these to be used more, we want them to be more utility focused instead of damage focused." They also change Aspect of the Serpent, Pathfinder class features to be stronger, and a fix to shifting when dodging.

Strong and Weak grasping roots now last a bit longer (1 sec and .5 sec longer). Various adjustments to encounter powers Constricting Arrow, Hawkshot, Plant Growth. Companions no longer benefit from buffs! Revamp to Boar Hide, Hawkeye, Oak Skin, Stag Heart, Fox's Cunning, Aspect of the Serpent. Revamp to Stormwarden: Bladestorm, Twin Blade Storm (damage increased), Stormstep Action. Pathfinder changes to Pathfinder's Action, Battlehoned, Primal Instincts, Cruel Recovery. Archery Feat changes: Bottomless Quiver, Stillness of the Forest, Predator (reworked). Trapper changes: Ancient Roots durations of grasping roots lowered.

Scourge Warlock
Official thread on SW changes.
"Scourge Warlock has historically had some clunky gameplay issues with power rotations and long animation times. A good amount of powers have been re-tuned to be slightly faster and to chain into other powers in a more smooth way. There were also interactions, like with Warlock’s Curse, where trying to use another power while one was activating would cause the initial power to be canceled before it was cast. Other than animation times, we wanted to spend some time cleaning up the Damnation tree and really focusing on the Soul Puppet for the theme of that build. Along with this came many improvements to the Soul Puppet and how it interacts with the warlock, which can be seen below."

Damnation's Soul Puppet now dissipates after 20 combat seconds, not 5 attacks. Deals more baseline damage, but lowered increase based on target's current health.

A whole mess of powers have animation reductions and should not get interrupted by other powers.

Powers: Adjustments, generally to strengthen powers Killing Flames (but lowered damage by .4x when target is below 25% HPs), Fiery Bolt (but no longer increased damage to creatures around cursed target), Hadar's Grasp (but shorter duration), Dreatheft (20% dmg increase, but lasts for 10 hits not 12). Also bug fixes to Immolation Spirits, Brood of Hadar, Dreadtheft. Cuse Bite now has 2 charges. All-Consuming Curse class feat now causes Crits to always apply a curse and then increases damage of curse.

Damnation feats: Warding Spirits reworked, damage you take goes to puppet and it has more HPs (at full ranks it has your HPs). Mocking Spirit changed, Spiritfire can crit and scales, but damage reduced. Soul Desecration reworked, puppet's attacks recharge your encounter powers by 1 second on each hit, and warlock's curse corrupts targets so they spawn a soul puppet. Soul Investiture increases encounter dmg.

Fury: Murderous flames now causes fire-based single-target at-will and Enctr powers to deal up to 25% of their damage to all enemies (split equally) within 20'.

Control Wizard
Official thread on CW changes.
"In M15, Control Wizards will be getting a ton of various changes to core mechanics, powers, and feats. We really felt that Control Wizard had a ton of awesome interactions between powers but that they didn’t intertwine well or had conflicting gameplay elements. To address this, we have taken a look at many Class Features, mechanics, and bugs and tuned them accordingly. The main reason there are so many changes is that we didn’t want to fix Control Wizard halfway and leave them in a state where some things worked well together (and became the default build) and others were pushed to the side.

Two of the biggest bugs with feats were found in Blighting Power and Tempest Magic. Both of these feats were intended to grant 6% and 5% bonus damage (respectively) but actually granted ~19% and 33% in the situations where they were applied. This has been fixed and is a majority of the reason why Control Wizards got a flat 25% damage increase and an additional 20% increase to cold damage powers. The other reason was the nerf to Chilling Presence, which is explained further below.

Another one of the big bugs that plagued Arcane builds was that Arcane Mastery rarely did exactly what the tooltip said it did, in regards to additional bonuses on other powers. And, when it did do what the tooltip said, the numbers didn’t quite line up. Almost all of the Arcane Mastery bonuses on powers have been adjusted and Arcane Mastery itself has had changes to it.

We want Arcane Mastery to feel more meaningful, so it has had its duration reduced and its effectiveness increased so that you care about how many stacks you have active. Also, things like disintegrate now benefit greatly from Arcane Mastery. With this, we hope to see some Arcane-based builds or builds that utilize Arcane Presence with other elements.

Finally, we wanted to reduce the power of Chilling Presence so that Control Wizards had options to choose other class features. Instead of hindering Chilling Presence too hard, we decided to reduce its power by half and then bring other class features up to par."

Base dmg for all CW powers is +25%. Cold powers have additional 20% dmg!
Arcane Mastery reworked (lasts -2 seconds, damage +1%, no longer boosts fire/lightning, power interactions fixed).
Chill stacks last +.5 seconds.
Control Mastery: 2.5x times more effective against non-players.
Storm Pillar: Faster charge time, at 80% it does the pillar, but deals -17% dmg.

Encounter power changes to a bunch of powers.
Class Features reworked as well. Heavy changes to class feats.

It's a heavy rework of the class!

Great Weapon Fighter
Official thread on GWF changes.
"Great Weapon Fighter is getting a couple of fixes and adjustments this patch. One of the things that we really wanted to address was the imbalance of Feat paths. While the Sentinel tree isn’t getting a revamp, the Instigator tree has had some feats completely overhauled. We wanted Instigator to feel unique from the Destroyer tree while still focusing on granting the Great Weapon Fighter a damage-based tree with some utility. To accomplish this, there is a new feat that increase your damage dealt based on movement speed and a lot of interactions to go with it. In addition to this, there’s an emphasis on Combat Advantage and sticking to your target."

Determination changed to always be gained from dealing damage. The capstone Destroyer's Purpose now doubles the gain!

Revamped class features Warrior's Courage and Steel Blitz.

Feat changes for Flanking Maneuvers, Warrior's Rush, Allied Opportunity, Nimble Runner, Crippling Strikes, Group Assault, Instigator's Vengeance.

Trickster Rogue
Official thread on TR changes.
"Hopefully this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for because this is the major re-balancing of the Trickster Rogue class! The main goals of this pass were to make sure that Trickster Rogues have more than 1 viable feat tree, powers were getting a more even distribution of usage, and troubling interactions were fixed.

To accomplish this, we have done a lot of work to all three feat trees, adjusted many encounter, at-will, class feature, and daily powers, and changed the way Stealth regenerates. While a lot of these changes are buffs and quality of life improvements, there are definitely some nerfs in there."

Stealth now takes +2.5 sec to fill the bar, but lasts 1 second longer. Taking damage no longer interrupts stealth bar regen for 3 sec, but halves the gain for 2 seconds. PvP adjusted to reveal the TR when striking from stealth in PvP.

A bunch of At-Will, Enctr, Daily, Feature, and Feat changes. This is a major major rework, and fans are generally wondering why it was so severe!!!

Oathbound Paladin
Official thread on OP changes.
"Paladin has always had some issues with their animations and general attack flow, but we’ve finally gotten it into a place that feels really fluid. A handful of attacks have been adjusted so that they complete their animation faster, chain into other powers faster, and don’t get interrupted by other powers you are trying to use.

We have also increased the base damage of their powers by roughly 14% in an attempt to get their solo gameplay to feel a bit more engaging. We found that a lot of Paladins were killing things very slowly, and while this won’t get them all the way there – it is a good boost. Note that this is in addition to animation times being more smooth, so you will likely see a boost even higher than this.

There are some changes to the Devotion paladin passive aura. We felt that their healing was very high and wanted to tune it down a bit, as we don’t think it will really cripple their effectiveness. In turn, we wanted to make sure that their buff is applied whenever you heal an ally instead of encouraging allies to take some kind of damage just to be buffed.

The final things that have been changed are in relation to the feat trees. These changes are mostly minor tuning and quality of life adjustments, but we wanted to experiment with the Bulwark tree a bit. Head Unbowed and Holy Barrier have been reworked and are now much more powerful. If you’re looking for a cooldown / damage build, Justice will still be your go-to tree but the Bulwark build should feel a bit fresh and a bit different."

As mentioned above, +14% baseline damage increase, and many reworks to reduce animation times.

Adjustments to Shielding Strike at-will, Sacred Weapon enctr, class feat Aura of Solitude.

Justice Feats: Shining Beacon, Stem the Tide, Radiant Champion.

Bulwark feats: Head Unbowed, Holy Barrier.
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Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:25 pm  

How to Prepare for Mod 15

Mod 15 drops Nov 6, so how can we make the most before it drops, given the changes?

Here are some ideas:
  • If you have Ravenloft posters or Chult lures, use them up now so you can salvage the gear you don't want. Use cards so you get more drops, and consider a party where everyone takes a turn doing a hunt with 3 cards for maximum gain.
  • Check your Ravenloft store. Cashing in (and even farming) Barovian coins to open Salvage Gear Packs is a great way to get tons of salvage (or sell gear on the AH).
  • Salvage any salvageable gear before Nov 6.
  • It makes more sense to run dungeons and do things that drop salvageable gear now, relative to doing something else with your time later. Using salvage to hit your 100k AD daily max is a good goal.
  • If you have seals you were thinking of using for gear, consider using them for salvage instead, as you won't have that option later. You can later save up seals and get the gear once Mod 15 drops.
  • Remember to check companions if, like me, you store some salvageable gear on your non-summoned companions. Salvage now, as you won't be able to later!
  • Currently we do not get another 2x Professions event before Nov 6, so it may not make sense to use Explorer's Scrolls unless you absolutely must to finish a Masterwork step.
  • There is a 2x Refining Stones event Oct 18, so hold onto lockboxes and other boxes with stones (and salvage) until then.
  • For professions, green tools convert at 100, blue at 500. So, if you have any 4 of the same green tools, run the task to make them into a blue tool and you will come out ahead. Same with any 4 of the same blue, make them purple now. Purple/epic tools are 5k credits, which is much better than 4 blue at 500.
  • Advance any profession to level 1 (takes 5 seconds) because that gets you level 4!

Any others you can come up with?
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Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:38 pm  

New Dev blog post on the campaign progress.

It uses the Chult/RL progression method, which I like.

It confirms that you can start at level 15, which is great for newer guild mates!

Boons use the same Chult/RL system where you allocate points.

Rewards grant a Swag Bag (a term used at gaming conventions, where Acquisitions Inc was started as a thing).
Dagdra Deepforge: Dwarven Cleric
Garla Shieldbreaker: Half-Orc Great Weapon Fighter
Zendra Soulseeker: Moon Elf Warlock
Jalazea Shieldborn: Tiefling Paladin
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Tue Oct 30, 2018 5:02 pm  

As Nov 6 draws closer, a reminder to salvage anything you don't need, such as gear stashed away on companions you don't use. Farm your sources of salvage while you can!

This is also a good time to wrap up any profession work. This is especially true of Masterwork, if you have started a step. For example, if you have 10 out of 20 things you need for a Masterwork Recipes III task, and you can get the remainder by Nov 6, it is worth doing. You will lose all progress on any step, according to the devs. If you finish a step, stop there, as the step will count (a step is generally anything that completes a quest). Once Nov 6 comes around, the inputs will be new.

Similarly, if you have any remaining Masterwork or profession inputs in inventory, they will convert, but it may be worth selling them now. Some carry a very high price tag and won't after Nov 6.

Speaking of professions, here is a thread walking through the basics of the new Workshop system.
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Tue Oct 30, 2018 7:39 pm  

And, the new mod brings some lockbox changes with the New Opportunities Lockbox and we have a preview!

No boxes within boxes: A lockbox now drops all rewards directly, with no more boxes within the lockbox. (This will further reward hoarding them for 2x Enchants).

One reward from a category: Each box drops one reward from one of these groups:
  • Main Rewards: Legendary drops, epic drops, filler stuff.
  • Refinement Rewards: Everything that was previously in Enchant/Artifact/Companion type crates.
  • Utility Rewards: Stronghold Vouchers, Professions stuff, and so on.

Replaced Glorious Resurgence Lockbox: Due to the structural changes, that lockbox is replaced by "Acquired Treasure Lockbox," which uses the new structure but has similar drops for mounts/companions offering a choice.

The above is based on the NWO site's analysis of the game files.

Mount Companion Rewards:
  • Adolescent Deep Crow mount (purple, +2k ArPen, cool creature from Acquisitions Inc lore)
  • Legendary Adolescent Deepcrow (+4k ArPen, combat power gives you 7.5% Power gain and stuns and grants CA for 4 seconds in PvE.).
  • Deepcrow Hatchling companion with 3 offensive slots (1 neck, 2 ring) and active bonus of +1,500 Power.

The link above shows breakdowns by categories. Check it out.
Dagdra Deepforge: Dwarven Cleric
Garla Shieldbreaker: Half-Orc Great Weapon Fighter
Zendra Soulseeker: Moon Elf Warlock
Jalazea Shieldborn: Tiefling Paladin
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