Guide to Special Events: Siege of Neverwinter

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Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:26 pm  

The Harbingers guild loves learning Neverwinter's secrets and collecting knowledge. We share our guides on major events as a way of giving back to the larger community. And, we also hope that if you like what you see you will consider joining our awesome guild!

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Thu Feb 16, 2023 6:56 pm  

Siege of Neverwinter


Guide Quick-Links

Lore and Overview

Wiki page with info.

Theme: The Cult of the Dragon mounts a siege against the city. The Cult of the Dragon is a major foe in the Forgotten Realms and was the main threat in the first two (linked) published adventures, Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat, for the Fifth Edition of D&D. The first time the event ran it was during the Tyranny of Dragons expansion (based on those tabletop D&D adventures).

A special zone, the Siege Battlefield, provides daily quests. In addition, our Stronghold has an important quest. And, there are several important synergies for maximizing the event.

This event is one of the best ways to donate to our coffer, helping our Guild build new structures and offer even better boons! This also helps you get tons of Guild Marks, which you can turn into AD! See below for how to get started and how to maximize your daily routine!

Getting Started
Important: Start by going to our Stronghold and speaking to the Master of Coin, who will grant the one-time quest A Pledge of Support to speak to General Sabine at the Siege. This quest is the trigger that causes the event to then drop Stronghold vouchers of various types!

After speaking to the Master of Coin, go to Protector's Enclave and talk to the Siege Defense Coordinator at the podium. If this is your first time, you will receive the quest The Siege Begins. This will lead you to General Sabine at the Siege Battlefield zone.

Now, visit our Stronghold and begin the daily routine described below! Note, the first time you visit the Siege, you will be able to turn in your The Siege Begins quests.

Daily Process: Stronghold and Send Aid to Neverwinter
Each day, start by visiting the Master of Coin in our Stronghold. She has a daily quest, Send Aid to Neverwinter, which grants 1 Stronghold Support Reward (which can be opened later for a voucher) and some coin. You have to go around the castle (including just outside some doors) to find 5 guards that have a interaction icon above their heads. There are two possible configurations of guards. (The configurations are captured here).

Daily Process: The Siege of Neverwinter
Now travel to the Siege Battlefield and speak to General Sabine for her daily quest The Siege of Neverwinter and the Breaking the Siege quest. Complete any 2 HEs at the Siege to complete the Siege of Neverwinter quest for event currency. You can only complete this on one character, and it grants Tokens of Participation and later Tokens of Challenge and Achievement. Because of this, it makes sense to use the character you plan to start with each day, and which you use for other events with this currency such as Hell Pit and Nightmare. This lets you save up the currency across events for better rewards. Each day, complete this quest first before you use other characters to do Siege HEs, so you don't mistakenly complete the quest with another character.

Once that quest is complete, all characters can then do HEs to complete the repeatable Breaking the Siege quest. This requires completing 100 "points" worth of HEs, and the points are granted as 20 for a small HE and 40 for a large one. Progress is tracked separately for each character, so it isn't necessary to do more than the Stronghold quest each day on your other characters and can be more efficient to use just one character for the Siege map.

The battlefield is the same map you may have seen during the Underdark/Maze campaign, but during nighttime. Note that there is a tunnel entrance just beyond where you start which will take you to the camp in the far upper corner.


Daily Process: Kill for Vouchers!
This event is an amazing way to gather vouchers for our coffer. This is vital to our building efforts and also provides you with Guild Marks.

Synergies: A PC with strong AoE attacks can quickly defeat a group of the dark-clad soldiers, often receiving a voucher drop. It is possible to get about 60 vouchers in an hour if you use a fast mount to go from mob to mob! With several Alts you can generate a ton of vouchers for a lot of Guild Marks and coffer donations!

Tips: Voucher drops are on a cooldown timer and sometimes it seems a character can have few vouchers even if they haven't had any for a while. When that happens, switch to another character or take a break, then come back with the original character later.

Prior to 2022, the event granted Tyranny of Dragons currencies and slightly different rewards such as Defense Supplies. If you have this older currency, you can turn it in at the vendor in PE. Starting in 2022, the rewards are as follows:

Killing mobs can result in Stronghold vouchers. Save these up for a 2x Guild Marks event for even greater payout.

The daily Siege of Neverwinter quest (1/account) grants a Token. Initially a Token of Participation each day (but see belwo) and after 14 days you gain a Token of Challenge per day. At the start of the final week a single Token of Achievement is provided for the event. The store is the same as in Hell Pit, so see that guide for full lists of rewards.

The repeatable Breaking the Siege quest provides a chest of "Blockade Supplies" with:
  • 2,500-10,000 AD
  • Chance at a Neverwinter Defender's Pack.
  • Chance at up to 2 Token of Participation per day. (This is actually very nice to farm)
  • Refinement (character bound) and coin.

Neverwinter Defender's Pack contents:
  • 4 dye packs from the Siege of Neverwinter
And, a chance at:
  • Siegebreaker Griffon purple mount.
  • Neverwinter Siegebreaker’s Charger blue mount.
  • Battlefield Medic purple companion granting Incoming Healing and Combat Advantage.
  • Neverember Guard Archer green companion granting Power and Defense.
  • Flawless Sapphire refinement.

You can also find the Pristine Siegebreaker's Battle Horn (potion slot item) and Siegebreaker's Banner (artifact) dropping in HEs, though they are not very useful.

There is a lot of history to this event, but the new version removes many aspects of this. Old-timers may recall receiving Dragon Cult Insignias to trade in for dye packs, glyphs, Quartermaster Enchantments (which dropped various supply pack for even more Guild Marks), and even a Cart used in a special Siege profession (before the Workbench existed for crafting). Battlefield fashions were highly coveted when they first came out.

Additional Recommendations, Synergies, and Exploits
- Do the Stronghold quest first with all your toons.
- Because of how quests work, it is recommended to then use a single character at the Siege map itself to complete the daily and then farm the HEs for the repeatable quest.
- This can be a great way to level a lower-level character. Join the HEs, or better yet, ask on Guild chat and party up with Guildmates.
- A guild can organize to take over an instance, and for an HE such as the Cult Assault or Cult Invasion, never kill the leader. If you do that, the waves keep coming (bringing vouchers) but it never ends and tons of vouchers can be gained!
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