Guide to Special Events: Summer Festival

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Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:26 pm  

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Fri Jul 17, 2020 1:56 am  

Summer Festival
(Note that the last week has double rewards)


Theme: Sune is the goddess of beauty. The festival is said to be in her honor.

What's Awesome:
Filled with mini-activities, the festival also has a new special mini-PvP game that provides tickets you can cash in for a chance at amazing prizes, including a legendary mount! (But, the event drop rate is low. Hold all ticket-balls until the event end, because the benefits are probably doubled).

As in years past, you can get several green companions and mounts (including a blue Water Horse) fairly easily if you do the daily tasks. For 2017, they added two new mounts, the Fungal Flail Snail and the Forest Flail Snail! These are some great mount choices, especially the purple mount if your character needs +2000 Recharge! The last week of the festival is set up separately on the calendar and doubles the rewards to help you catch up.

2019 Changes - Professions
With the new Workshop system, you now need to use the workshop to level up your event artisan and craft Sahha Ticket Balls! This is harder if you are new. You can certainly craft items to sell, but the Sahha Ticket Ball is the main draw.

To craft the Sahha Ticket Ball, you should check your success chance. Go to the worktable and click on the event, Summer Provisioning. At level 6 you have Sailcloth and Sahha Ticket Ball. You want a 100% Proficiency (Focus can be ignored). This happens around level 6 or so of the profession, which you need anyway to run those level 6 tasks. Around level 7 you should have no failure chance for these tasks. Note that each day you could craft 4 Sailcloth, but you should craft 3 and then craft 1 ball.

If you aren't level 6, you can run Caprese, Squash Soup, and especially Watermelon Sorbet once you are level 4. There are various ways to land those inputs through doing the summer event, which can then get you the experience to level the profession. If you were involved in previous summer events but did not craft, you may still have hundreds of inputs from all the quest rewards in past years.

Sahha Ball
5x5 PvP mini-game. This "sport" event swaps in special powers and you can unlock more powers. The first quests are a bit confusing:
- In the first quest, For the Love of the Game, you talk to two sisters who are star players on opposing teams. You then go to the ticket booth, located to one side of the ramp. Choose the copper tickets option, and buy the book they mentioned. Double-click the book to complete the quest.
- In the second quest from Rhaal, Your Very Own Sahha Ball, repeatable each day, you have to play a Sahha match and also find 5 flax plants (10 on later days). Note: you only need to play a Sahha match the first day. After that, just collect Flax! Flax plants are little purple-blue plants found around the area. There is a good loop done going counterclockwise around the right side of the animal pen, then proceeding to the left of the bridge and across the river, then back around the house by the river. You can get 10 pretty easily that way. Playing the game is done by using the queue system. When you finish both, talk to the guy to the right of the ramp and he gives you materials, used in the profession. This means you get a ticket-ball for free, and can craft more.

According to a Dev on forums: "The ticket-balls are meant to be the primary source of tickets, and the pricing for items in the store are based around earning tickets from participating in ticket-ball parties. Tickets granted via competitive sahha games are meant only to be small, supplementary rewards for if you're playing a few extra rounds for fun, or helping out a friend. The ticket-ball in the ticket store is meant to be an outlet for extra copper tickets if you've already earned everything you want from copper tickets, and is not intended to be the primary method of obtaining ticket-balls."

Playing Sahha
Use the queue system to join. In the game instance, you will be moved into a particular position on the field. This also happens each time the ball goes out of bounds. It is annoying, but you get used to it. Eventually you unfreeze. If you are in the front ranks or side, consider going into the center and jump with the volley power (custom power auto-equipped for you, uses right mouse click) to send the ball flying towards the opponent's goal. Usually you have to run after it and try to get there first and kick it in for a score. The other team tries to block it and send it back the other way.

Just as some players should be doing offense, some should be on defense, staying in front of the goal ready to volley the ball back the other way or block it.

Tips: If you are winning and the game is close to ending, kicking the ball out of bounds is a good option as it burns time.

Getting Ticket-Balls
Ticket-Balls are how you earn the new rewards. Here is how you get them:
- Daily quest from Rhaal, Your Very Own Sahha Ball, which requires getting 10 flax flowers and playing one Sahha match. This grants 1 ball and materials.
- Use the materials with the event profession to create balls. You run one task, Weave Sailcloth, three times, then Assemble Sahha Ball once. This creates a ball. See the notes above on 2019 changes since you now use the Workshop.

Using a Ticket-Ball and getting Volleys
You equip the ball in a potion slot and use it. Keep it from hitting the ground and you earn more volleys, up to 30. There had been a way to do it with practice balls, but that has been removed in a patch.

Volleying can be fail-free, if you kick it in a corner. You form a volley party. One player at a time goes to the corner while everyone else stands absolutely still. The player whose turn it is faces the corner and activates the ball from their potion tray, and it becomes trapped. You then use the event skill to launch volleys until the ball breaks (hopefully at 30). This page explains and has a video.

Pack and Tickets
Take tickets to the Ticket exchange to get rewards. As with other recent events, the value of the pack you receive is based on the number of Volleys (see above) you have made this year. Basic rewards from the pack:
- Fireblossom Petals
- Copper Tickets
- Silver Tickets (blue/rare, after 150 volleys)
- Mithral Tickets (purple/legendary, after 300 volleys)

Copper Tickets:
- Favors of Sune (30 tickets, great way to earn a mount if you are short on favors!)
- Sahha Techniques (unlock powers)
- Tropical Fashion (fashion items like wraps and body paint)
- Decorative Sahha Balls that don't create rewards
- Relaxing Summer Chair (500 tickets, slot in potion tray, use to sit in the chair, just for style)
- 220 Flowerblossom Petals (15 tickets, helpful to get rewards if you can't farm flowers fast enough)

Silver Tickets:
- Preservation Wards (10 tickets, green/uncommon - this is a great value! It also contributes to a major drop in Pres Ward prices, making the summer event a great time to spend AD on Pres Wards via the AH)
- Rare Insignias (10 tickets for blue, 4 tickets for green)
- Rank 7 Enchants (5-10 tickets, purple/legendary, includes Brutal/Vicious/Cruel/Black Ice/etc)
- Stronghold Resources (30 tickets for Golden Bell, 15 tickets for Strongbox of Influence/Surplus/Gems)
Note that only the Stronghold items are bound. The rest can be sold!

Mithral Tickets:
These grant raffle tickets. 1 mithral ticket buys a Raffle ticket, or an Epic mount raffle ticket, or a legendary mount raffle ticket. Each has a chance of drops, with the chance being much smaller for epic and legendary ones. The chance for an epic mount is said to be super small. However, it at least grants a chance.
Midsummer Artifact Raffle:
- Forgehammer of Gond (purple artifact, awesome for crafting, costs millions of AD)
- purple artifacts: Token of Chromatic Storm, Thayan Book of the Dead, Kessel's Spheres of Annihilation, Horn of Valhalla, Sphere of Black Ice
- Consolation prize of 5 Tarmalune Tradebars, 5 Silver Tickets
Midsummer Epic Mount Raffle:
- purple mounts: Heavy Inferno Nightmare, Sylvan Stag, Owlbear, Apparatus of Kwalish, Gorgon, Rage Drake, Giant Beetle
- Consolation prize of 5 Tarmalune Tradebars, 5 Silver Tickets
Midsummer Legendary Mount Raffle:
- legendary mounts: Tenser's Floating Disk, Emperor Beetle, Black Ice Warhorse, Imperial Rage Drake, Skeleton Steed
- Consolation prize of 5 Tarmalune Tradebars, 5 Silver Tickets

Daily Favor of Sune and Rotating Contests
Each day, visit the podium in the center area. You will complete one quest immediately just for showing up, and it grants you a Favor of Sune. This can be used for several great rewards:
- Fungal Flail Snail (purple mount! Grants +2,000 Recovery!) Costs 21 favors.
- Water Horse (blue, looks awesome but the effect can make it a bit hard to steer) Costs 18 favors.
- Blue Ribbon Pig, Sunite Steed (green mounts) 15 Favors each.
- Armored Boar (green mount) 10 Favors.
- You can also trade in a favor for a bag containing 220 Fireblossom petals (only do this if you absolutely need them, and do it during the Zenith)

The daily quest Summer Celebration rewards you for doing three event contests in a day, granting profession items (used to craft various event goods, some of which sell very well at the start of the event) and 90 Fireblossom Petals. You can spend Fireblossom Petals to gain several rewards:
- Forest Flail Snail (blue mount, cool visuals)
- Pig companion (green, active bonus to heal 1% of your Max HP every second you controlled) 4,200 petals
- Bottomless Waterskin, Everlasting Water Bucket, Decanter of Endless Water. (Worth picking up one of these, for use every year in the water fight contest. Store it when the event ends.) 700 petals.
- Fashion items (Chef, Sunite. These can sell well on the AH) 2,600 petals
- Weapon skins (Sunite) 850 or 1,700 petals
- Piñata - anyone attacking it receives rewards. Great for opening in a party with guildmates!
- Small Fireworks, 30 petals
(Note that these Fireblossom Petals are different than the Fireblossom Flowers, which you gather as one of the daily events. You can convert 24 flowers into a bag of petals with the Festival Florist NPC, and this is doubled during the zenith.)

Three contests rotate over time, while one can be done at any time:

Summer Feast Contest - Herd Animals
Herd animals within a special zone into the yard at the center of the zone. When you approach an animal, it changes color if you have it... you then herd it by going behind it, pushing it towards the pen. You can also collect corn from stalks that have it. This is semi-competitive, in that gaining more points and a higher final rank can provide more reward currency (petals and for profession). Golden chickens show up every now and then, for a ton of points.
Tips: Try a few options and see what you like, then get really efficient at it. Popular choices are:
- Chickens south of the pen, which you can run a short distance to the house.
- Pig by dock. Straight run, but this area often sees strong competition and you have to decide whether to camp in between runs or try to get a quick chicken in as well.
- Chickens by hill east of pen. Often a good place to score a golden chicken.
- Pigs to west of pen. High points and lots of them, but can be a tough run requiring skill.
- Corn: can pay out if you can get a bunch and then cash it in, but probably not the best option.

Troll Fight
Trolls show up in a zone. Kill them for points. There are different types, with the harder ones worth more points. Two bosses reward many points if you get the final kill (not sure if they otherwise reward points?).
Tips: Trolls show up from specific spots. Often they come from 2-3 approaches to that spot, so you have to choose a spot and then watch the approaches. Really strong PCs dominate the event, so you may want to find them to steal their points if you are also strong, or choose a different spot away from them so you aren't robbed of kills. Various powers are good for killing them. Some can be surprising, so try different options.

Water Battle
Run around the zone and grab different type of gear to throw water at other PCs. If you drench them, you gain points. Get drenched and lose points.
Tips: This is much easier if you have the neverlasting gear you can purchase with event gear. PCs who played in previous years and earned the gear gain a benefit this way. But, you can still be competitive. Note that each gear type has a different area (sphere, cone, line), delay, rate of fire/recharge, and ammo. I'm not a fan of the line, unless you see a ton of players in the event. The cone/pail is a solid choice, but so is the balloon.

Collecting Flowers
You can go to the kobold area to defeat kobolds, who drop fireblossom flowers. They also guard bushes with flowers in them. A few, notably near the little house, are unguarded and popular camping spots. Some have tougher foes but often yield more - strong PCs should check out the dead end west of the small house. This gets really boring, but is an endless source of the currency, which you can also exchange for petals needed for event items. As noted above, flowers are different than fireblossom petals, but during the zenith you can convert 24 Fireblossom Flowers to a pack of 30 Fireblossom Petals (and 2 Light Cotton Cloth and 2 Light Summer Thread) via the Festival Florest NPC located near the start of the collecting area.

Special Profession - Summer Provisioning
A special profession uses the event currency (such as fruit given in contests) to level up or craft items. You can also use the profession to generate petals, an important currency.
Tips:Leveling up is a good idea, as it will remain for later years. Some of the currency has huge value earlier in the event, so you may want to sell it first if you already leveled. Later on, craft items that have a high sale value. The fashion items and water gear can be a good AD source, but check prices as it changes during the event and from year to year (Heroes Feasts were huge the first year!).

- If you want the normal rewards, such as the purple or blue mounts or the pigs, the daily events are a must. You can run them fairly quickly. Each event has some ways to be efficient; learning them is key.
- Sahha Ball is a new event, but it seems obvious that this is the huge value. The more you play, the more you can unlock powers so you gain more volleys and increase the value of your tickets. The choice prizes require 300 volleys... so that's the target!
- Advancing the profession is worthwhile, as it will pay off.
- Buying the permanent water gear is worth it, even if you only earn it at the end of the event - it will pay off in future years. You only need one item, so play around with the disposable stuff until you find a favorite and get just that one.

Synergies and Exploits:
See the notes above. Each mini-event has different synergies. For example, fast-attack AoE powers can be great for both the trolls and kobolds. A fast mount can really help with herding.

Killing kobolds is a great way to trigger utility enchants and the mount power to receive enchantment/refinement stones, if the cooldown has not been triggered.
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