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Storming the Castle and Siege PvP

Note: The dev team has changed the Siege event to no longer be possible on a private queue. This requires a full PvP queue and makes the event too time consuming to run. We are keeping the below guide for now, but the event is unfortunately not worth running at this time.


Storming the Castle is a weekly quest provided by the Master of Coin in our Stronghold. Gather a few Guild and Alliance mates and form a queue, then choose the PvP category and Stronghold Siege.

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Why do this? First, there do not have to be any other players other than your own and one other to form the queue. You don't actually PvP. It is an easy event and even if you don't do a whole lot you still get full rewards.

You gain some excellent rewards for the time spent:
4500 AD
1 Blood Ruby (Refinement)
Major Influence Voucher (400 Influence)
100 Barovian Coins (Ravenloft currency)
25 Omens (Ravenloft currency)
XP, gold

The key to a fast Siege run is to run a Private PvP Queue. To do so:
  • The organizer should add people to their queue, as you would for any dungeon/skirmish/etc.
  • Select the Private PvP option on the left-hand side
  • One player must volunteer to be on the other team, as you need 2 teams. In the queue window, double-click on that person's name and this will move them to the 2nd Team.
  • Optional tip: You can have a player log in as one character they don't want to run through the event. Add them to the second party. Then, have them log out and back in as the character they actually want to play. The former character will be on team 2, but does nothing. The actual character will be part of the main team and can participate!
  • If you are the leader, on the right-hand-side of the screen select Player vs Player from the Available Queues and then "Stronghold Siege."
  • You can now start the queue and the map should load quickly.

Getting Started
In addition to this guide, you can talk to the Wizard in our Stronghold and they will give you a tutorial.

Grab at least one other person (though you can solo this if you have another account, it is much faster with friends from your Guild and Alliance. Use queue chat so you can talk even to the queue member(s) on the opposing side.

Once you queue, you will get a cutscene with some information. Some of it is helpful! You begin inside our Stronghold, and there may be a few seconds before you can exit. While there you can see a supply area, but it isn't needed and starts empty.

When the event begins, any gate can be interacted with and will allow access to three directions. It can be helpful to discuss how to split up across the lanes (see below) and head in that direction. You can call your mount as soon as the event starts and interacting on a gate will allow you to ride out mounted.

Understanding the Map

The map is basically our stronghold map doubled, with an enemy stronghold as the other half. You will recognize the terrain, but it's still easy to get lost and bringing up your map (M) can help. Planting a flag can help to make sure you go towards your goal.


The map has three "lanes" which have important tactical aspects, as they represent supply lines and enable catapults for faster victory. Each has two Supply depots, and one of them is the enemy's (and red). You generally want to take over the supply depots in one lane, then race to the end and build a catapult.

The Catapults are not initially built. The spots on the map show where they can be built.

Horses can be interacted with and either sent to your stronghold (to create supplies there) or told to follow you (and will automatically apply their supplies to the next supply/catapult that you control. You generally want them to follow you, since your stronghold supplies are only useful in a serious match where you want to fix your stronghold. When you ride to either a depot or a catapult, they should add supplies to that structure. That's a huge benefit, so always grab horses. Horses sometimes are bugged and don't add anything, but the next horse might work. It's still worth trying.

Golems are not initially present. There is a dragon phase (see below) when they show up and usually we ignore these.

The key to a speedy victory:
  1. Discuss with your team how to split. Strong characters who can do all the game's contents can solo a lane. If you are still working through campaigns, teaming up is more efficient. If you don't discuss it, when you first click on the gate pause and see where other players are going. Choose a lane and head out the closest door.
  2. Sometimes it makes sense to go farther along the map, but go backwards to pick up a horse, then forwards to an enemy supply depot.
  3. Go to the closest horse and tell it to follow you. If you see another player on their way to a horse, let them have it. Work as a team and don't try to snipe another player's goals.
  4. Head to the Supply Depot on your lane and take it over. It's great to help other players, but be mindful that supplies are for the map and if someone did most of the work and you grab all the supplies, you will frustrate that player. Work as a team.
  5. When the supply depot is yours, it turns grey. It won't actually let you build a catapult until you bolster it with supplies.
  6. Adding at least 1 supply lets you control the lane, and now catapults can be build. Adding more supplies spawns Quartermasters and Guard Captains to protect them from enemy spawns and to send supplies to catapults. In addition, pack horses carry more when near bolstered supply lanes (I think). It is not clear to me what the optimal number of supplies to donate is. I would suggest adding 2, but more may be better to spawn quartermasters?
  7. As you travel, kill any enemy Siege Engineers you encounter. These will drop supplies you can use for catapults. Keep an eye on your screen for the number of supplies. 4 supplies are needed for a catapult, though working with others any number helps.
  8. Continue to the end of the lane and to your Catapult spot. This can be a bit hard to locate (bottom is where the Demonic HE takes place, middle is the bluff that overlooks the main gate, top is the rise near moat). Grab a horse on your way there - the horses will deposit supplies as ammo!
  9. Interact with the "ghost" catapult four times, using four supplies. This is done by interacting with the small pile of logs, not the circular ammo bin. When you have donated the fourth supply, the catapult will be solid and a message/announcement will play. Now you need ammo. If you brought a horse, the ammo was already deposited. Otherwise, supplies can be added as ammo.
  10. As needed, go gather more horses and kill Siege Engineers for more supplies to build the second catapult or to add ammo.
  11. Keep a lookout on the chat bar - the person playing the opposing team will often come out with supplies and ask someone to kill them. Defeat and kill them and you gain the supplies they have (2-5). The enemy player will have their name in orange.
  12. Check the progress bar to see how you are doing and work with the team to help build all the catapults. Catapults are the fastest way to win.

Strategy for the opposing team's player
  • If you are on the opposing team, your best strategy is to get supplies and get killed, so others get those supplies. This ensures a fast run.
  • At the very beginning, travel to the 2-3 horses closest to your stronghold and choose the option to send them to the guild. Follow the last one back, which speeds up its run speed.
  • Enter your guild through any gate and go to the supply wagon in the center. If the horses didn't bug, you will have supplies. Grab as many as you can (usually 2 the first time) and head out the middle gate.
  • Use Queue chat to let everyone know to kill you. "Coming out main gate, kill me for supplies!"
  • If you have great gear, you could remove your chest piece.
  • When another player kills you, they get your supplies. You respawn in your stronghold and can take more supplies (usually 5 this time) from the wagon. Repeat the process (there is a brief cooldown before you can go out again, just a couple of seconds). Repeat until the team wins. You get full rewards.


Depending on how long this takes, you may reach the Dragon phase. The dragon Cerasinax shows up and will help the side that it favors. Cult of the Dragon golems (carrying gold) appear around the map. You can kill them to gain gold, then have to take it to your own stronghold, go inside, and deposit the gold. The dragon will respect the guild that earns the most gold by the time the Dragon phase ends.

However, this isn't worth doing. If you work on the lanes and catapults you will win before this phase ends.

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