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Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:17 pm  

Once upon a time there was a powerfull God who wanted to manipulate and have fun with little humans...just like the other gods....but he couldnt find a proper human for his purposes. So he left and teleported himself to the planet Neverwinter. Here he found a Devoted Cleric who every day prayd to the gods...so he can get stronger and protect and help other humans. When the god saw his devotion..decided to help that little human and help(manipulate)him.The God found a country named "The Harbringers" who helps powerless humans and looks after them.When the leader asked the god...whats ur human`s name..he sayd it was Bubu..just like his little white bichon(true story...my dogs name is Bubu). The powerfull God..finnally found someone to manipulate and make him do whatever he wants. What the God didnt take in consideration..was that the human had the power to change the powerfull god`s heart..with this prayers everyday...and made the god to care for the little powerless human and help him to become stronger and the Devotion Cleric became Gods Favorite Human to play with.
What the God forgot to do was to check the planet Neverwinter...for hidden perrils..in his ego and pride... So his job was one neverending...tryeng to defend and protect the human.

I guess i could of let it as it is...a 100-ish words little storie....but i just couldnt...so here it is a full of intrigues..adventures...lies and deceivs...storie about a GOD..and a Devoted Cleric.

Chapter I

A God amongst Gods.

Ages and ages ago..in the pitch black of the darkest corners of the universe, there lived on a split planet several Gods. Why split planet?...well because the planet was split in several continents...each continent with his own clima...light...darkness.
Each continent of this planet was rulled by a team of powerfull gods with the powers of that continent and evironment...
The light Continent was rulled by a team of gods who liked to help people from diferent areas like farmers, druids,people of the land...who know how to respect and take care of the land that it feeds them and grants them shelter...and powers. This is from where the gods got there powers.
The Fire continent was rulled by a team of gods empowerd by theyre worshipers love of war. People governed by this gods..love to fight...create war machines, all in the name of theyre gods.
The Darkness Continent was rulled by the worst gods posible..the ones that required human sacrifices..who enslaved theyre worshipers..and made them do unspeakable things in theyre honor. This gods allways believed that the greatest of the powers can only be achieved by sacrificing theyre followers and eating theyre souls. The more tortured the soul the sweeter the taste. One of this evil gods name is Cyric who im sure if you ever followed the lore or the class quest of the Devoted Cleric, you will see his involvment in the DC-s life-questing.

The light and fire continent had a peace agreement in wich no follower of theyre respective continents are to be harmed. No are they to be influenced to change theyre allegiance..and move from light to fire..or from fire to light.
The Darkness continent allways wanted more followers..more members..more souls...since they where the ones doing the human sacrfice...followers and worshipers where scarce..in the dark continent.
But they couldnt do anithing..since there was the peace alliance between fire and light. Darkness new that against those 2..they will loose everithing...as long as there was that peace alliance. In case of a war... Light would provide food, craft items for war machines and weapons and druids with theyre healling powers and the power to comand the woods..and the fire would come with the war force...with theyre war loving followers who would not think twice to die in a heat of a battle for theyre gods and reach immortality( because thats what they believed...or at least thats what theyre gods taught them...but thats a story for another time). This 2 forces combined would be umbeatable.

So the Darkness Gods devised a plan to breake that alliance and take them by surprise in the heat of theyre arguement. But how?...each god from the dark side..keep thinking and nothing viable would come to mind..on how to break the trust between light and fire. After some days of thinking and thinking... one god came with an ideea wich convinced the other gods that it may work. This gods name was Cyric.Of course..Cyric had a hidden agenda on why he wanted light and fire to fight and break the alliance...but he keept it for himself. He proposed that he would go to each continents Palace of the Gods and plant evil taughts in the gods heads about the other faction(continent) and just wait and see what trouble it may cause...even if a war wont happen between them a peace alliance would be imposible animore, and they would be able to get as many followers and sould from those 2 continents. His plan worked better then they expected and soon after the peace alliance was broken and a mini war started between Fire and Light. Darkness was overjoyed and could now steal all the souls they wanted...from the battleground directly.

Cyric seeing that his plans worked perfectly..went to the Light continent in to the Palatium of Light and killed the leader of the Light Gods, Chauntea and planted evidence that the leader of the Fire gods, Asmodeus did the killing. Then moved to the Palatium of Fire and killed the leader of the Fire Gods, Asmodeus. Soon after a big war was started..each faction acusing the other of killing theyre leader...consumed by grieff..and sorrow..the war consumed the 2 continents and the gods distroyed everything..including theyre followers...the source of theyre power. This was the hidden agenda of the evil God Cyric. But what the Dark continent didnt take in consideration was that during the great war...all the followers and worshipers of the 2 continents where dead..and even tough they had gathered all the souls they needed to become stronger...the strongest Gods in the universe....they couldnt get ani more followers... because if no followers are allive they cant multiply...
No god had the power to create new souls...because a new soul is created by merging 2 souls that are alive. No god could create new souls... Except Cyric`s followers who had the power to resurect souls.

Chapter II

Cyryc`s followers had the power to resurect souls before they where consumed by famished Dark Gods(thats why there is a countdown...in case you wondered). The entire agenda of Cyryc was that only his followers would be alive after the great wars..so even with all the souls eaten by the Dark Gods, he would be the only one with true power, because Cyryc knew the truth about believers and follwers and he knew that from theyre prayers he was gaining his powers. Even if the Dark Gods have eaten all those souls..theyre powers where only temporaly...like a power boost/buff....u know what i mean..like when a Great Weapon Fighter uses crescenso - daily and indomitable battle strike - encounter all buffed by the Devoted Cleric`s Annointed Army and Hollowed Ground.

The thing is once that buff was gone ..the gods returned to theyre normal deity powers...but there was a problem.... having no more followers and believers who pray to them...they didnt had any more powers of deity..and where barelly surviving...Cyryc`s cult Dark Sun Cult even tough was barelly new...it had a growing numbers of followers and believers..giving Cyryc the powers he dreamd of. what Cyryc didnt know whas that one of the gods who will loose the powers after the buff is gone ...will be Mask, one of his fellow Dark Gods. Mask was the only god who got his powers from the power of a Lie. How ..do you ask...well ...he was the only god who didnt need a cult or followers to get stronger. He only needed to be close to the people when they lie..and just like other gods would eat souls...Mask would eat up (i was gonna go with Suck it up his throat..but somehow a reader will missreadit and turn it in to a porn. You pervy senpais..)

This said...Mask and Cyryc where the most powerfull gods on the split planet, Cyryc with his Dark Sun Cult who was protected by Cyryc and Mask who was getting his powers by eating the lies people where telling.

One other thing Cyryc and Mask where about to find out was that even tough each continent was rulled by a team of gods...that was not because they where so happy to share the powers of leadership between them. It was because deep underground on each continent there lived something more terrifing and powerfull...that only a team of gods could stand a chance in a fight and hope to defeat them and keep the continents alive and safe. This terrible and powerfull beasts and only a group of powerfull gods could hope to defeat them where called Dragons. Dragons had different powers... just like the Gods. Dragon of Ice, Dragon of Poison, Dragon of Fire and so on.

Every once in a whyle the dragons would manage to escape theyre earthly prisons and create havoc on continents...and each team of gods had to reunite and fight them, defeat them in order to bring them back in theyre prisons. But every few years..the dragons would manage to escape at the same time and they would group up and create chaos and damage on all continents and then the gods from each continent would have to forget theyre problems of warfare, chaos and worshipers. All the gods good or bad...pace loving or war loving would team up and would have to fight the dragon group. They would have to defeat each dragon at a time in order to defeat the rest...so they dont interfere in the others fight. Tiamat was the name of the Dragon`s Leader and the most powerfull one..He was the Dragon of Fire. Here is where the power of the group would shine the most and the gods would be at theyre most powerfull state..when they worked togheter to defeat the dragons.

Each God from the team would buff the others with Phisical and Magical Atacks and Defense.That time would be the only time once in a few years where all the Gods , good and bad, had to work united to save theyre planet. That was the only time peace was on every continent on the Split Planet.

Now Mask and Cyryc will find out why there was a team of gods that rulled every continent and not one god that rulled all the other gods on each continent.

Chapter III

Like i sayd in my last chapter....Mask and Cyric where to find out why there where a team of gods that rulled each continent and why there was a joined meeting of all the leaders of the continents...once every few years. So that Tiamat and his dragon brothers dont succed on ravaginv havoc all over the Split Planet.
When Cyric made his plans and finalized them...he didnt take in consideration the warning about Tiamat returning to the surface from his earthly underground prison. The problem was that the time of Tiamat`s Rise was coming soon and after the great war..only a handfull of little Gods remaind alive. Togheter with Cyric and Mask, the little gods where no match for the powers of Tiamat and his brothers once they resurface. Cyric started to contemplate in his palace...and throwing his eyes over an old scroll he saw a drawing of something familliar...Image
Coming closer to that old scroll he recognised the drawing as Bane , The Black Lord, the Black Hand, the Lord of Darkness, the Great Deity that feeds on strife, hatred, tyranny, fear. He then remembers the old tales of Bane...how he loved to punishe his followers and priests...if they faild him...how he was the one that told the other dark gods the lies about eating worshipers and followers souls to become stronger. What Cyric didnt know tough was that Bane also loved to scheme and plot...and not get his hands dirty ...unless extremly necesary...
And that he wont do anithing if he doesnt get something for his troubles, the bigger the rewards the bigger the dedication he was giving .
Bane was the ruller of Banehold, sometimes called the Barrens of Doom and Despair, wich was found in another plane of existence...A plane of existence named Underdark
Cyric knew that Bane allways wanted to control the Dark Continent`, especially a place in the dark continent called Faerûn. He knew that once Bane learnd that the old dark gods have lost theyre powers...he would want to return to our plane of existence, and reclaim Faerûn or even the Dark Continent as his own. Bane was part of the old gods like i sayd before and was one of the few that still knew how to defeat Tiamat and his dragon brothers and when they will resurface.
But first let me tell you something about Underdark`s plane of existence....
The sun never breaks through the bloody red skye...
No water on this plane of existence...
Black sand everywhere...and where there is no black sand there are black crystals, with razorsharp edges.

The Barrens of Doom and Despair consist of a single infinite plane, there are no constituent layers. It links via the Astral Plane to the planes of the Prime Material (such as Toril) and a number of portals directly connect it with Hammergrim and the Blood Rift.
The Underdark`s plane of existence was a vast network of underground caverns and tunnels underneath the surface of Abeir-Toril. It was home to a host of evil beings driven deep into the caverns at the end of the age of demons.

Cyric looked through every ancient book in the great libraries...to find any more information on Bane and how to bring him back to our plane of existence from Underdark. He knew that without help...everything he had worked so hard to acomplishe..will be destroyed once the Dragon Brotherhood resurfaced from theyre prison. Once he found the way to bring Bane back to our plane, he convinced him to help protect the Split Planet from Tiamat and his brothers, in return Cyric will let him Rule Dark Continent, where Faerûn was.

To be Continued....

PS: if i get positive reviews.
PPS: If Bane likes it.
PPPS : If Sig likes it.
PPPPS: If i feel like it.
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Fri Feb 10, 2017 4:56 pm  

Very cool. My only addition would be that where Cyric is involved, surely Mask must be as well! ;)
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Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:09 pm  

Alpha...you never know with Cyryc and Mask...

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Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:48 pm  

Pure mad evil without a touch of betrayal and double-crossing is like food without salt! :twisted:
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Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:38 pm  

I so hope it continues - I love it and can't wait to read what you are going to write next :D
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Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:49 pm  

Bobi wrote:I so hope it continues - I love it and can't wait to read what you are going to write next :D

I decided to make it only 5 chapters...because my time doesnt afford it....i will try to make another story...about another character....just have to decide which one... ^^

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Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:16 pm  

Looking forward to them :D
Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time.
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