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Sigill MacFinn
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Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:07 pm  

Thank you for your interest in joining our guild.

Keep in mind before applying:

- The format of the template below should be followed and is the minimum of information that should be included in your application.

- Feel free to add additional information you think is relevant, and don't worry about your application being too long.

- Copy and paste this template into a reply on this topic and please try to answer every question.


Character Information:





What Enchantments are you using and why? :

Any other ALTs? :

How is your gear? Comment on your current gear. Mention any off-build gear you have.

What is your experience in end-game instances (Tiamat, Edemo, FBI, SVA, Epic dungeons)?

What is your Timezone & how often do you play NW? On what times and days of the week are you usually online?

What guild(s) (if any) have you been in before applying, and why did you leave them?

We are a friendly, family, helpful and absolutely NO DRAMA guild. Do you feel you can fit in?

Do you have Discord [or willing to install it] and a Microphone/Headset, and are you able and comfortable with talking?
(We don't use voice comms much except for our monthly meetings or if any members wish to use chat on our Discord channels)

Previous MMOs played:

Other favourite games:

Tell us a joke, it's (hopefully) been a long application and we need a laugh.

And one final note and one of the most crucial questions :
Do you love Dwarves??? And why / why not ?

Anything else you wish to add? :


By completing this application & on acceptance to the Guild you are agreeing to follow The Harbingers' rules and guidelines.

We wish you the best of luck with your application and we sincerely hope you will soon be one of us!
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