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Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:55 pm  

Welcome one & all to the forums for The Harbingers, a guild originally created to get the most out of the Festivals & Events that Neverwinter regularly has!

Now with our level 20 Stronghold & members of Thieves World Alliance, we are a strong, healthy Guild of players of all classes, abilities, races & deities [we even have Dwarves!] :)

The Guild Leaders are:-

Sigill MacFinn [UK player]
Bobi Phett / Incindorita / Rhyanon / Zula [UK player]
Dagdra Deepforge [US Player]

The Council of Five, our most senior ranking players are:-

Bardok [US Player]
Fallinoor [Scots Player based in USA]
Streams [US Player]
Pants Jones [US Player]
Bianca [Romanian Player]

We can be messaged in-game for help etc as can any other guild member [press G in-game & then click ROSTER to see who is online with you] or feel free to post in these forums.

Register here on our forums for access to the "Guild Only" area for info & tips - it's free & easy :)

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